10 Amazon Hacks & Tips to Save Money!


Everyone loves to save money at Amazon. Amazon is such a convenient place to shop since you don’t have to leave your home and they offer shipping in just 1-2 days. We wanted to share with you some tried and true ways to save even more shopping at Amazon and some little known ways to save money using additional services that are a part of your Prime membership. Amazon Prime is way more than just FREE shipping after all! So let’s jump into it!

  1. Turn those Prepaid Debit Cards into Amazon Cash! — We’ve all gotten those rebate cards that can be a nuisance to redeem in store. Why not use them to pay for an Amazon gift card? Use it to buy a gift card for the amount of your prepaid card, wait for the gift card code to come to your email then apply it to your account! This gives you a nice little cushion for your next Amazon order!
  2. Get a 2% bonus on Reloading your gift cards – If you’re going to make a big purchase, this is a no-brainer! Get an extra 2% added to your existing gift card when you fund it through your bank account.
  3. Get Compensation if a Shipment is Late – Remember Amazon Prime is a membership you pay a nice chunk of money yearly for.  Some buy it just for the 1-2 day shipping. It has only happened to me maybe twice in the years I’ve had Prime, but if a shipment is late, you can contact them for compensation. They will either give you a gift card code or a free 1 month extension to your Prime membership.
  4. Be Careful When Searching Lowest to Highest prices – Most of us would assume that searching lowest to highest prices means indeed, the lowest prices are pulled from all items pertaining to your search and displayed first. Not exactly. Amazon shows “sponsored” items FIRST in a search result list. Those items the merchant has paid Amazon to list those first. Next time you are viewing an item, take note of all the items that appear below the listing you are viewing that says “customers that viewed this item also viewed”. Those will often have lower price listings for similar items.
  5. The % off Trick - Rather than automatically searching lowest to highest, add this code to the end of your URL: “&pct-off=30-50″ without the quotation marks. This code will show you what is 30-50% off. You can of course substitute those numbers with another range of numbers for bigger or smaller discounts.
  6. Let your Shopping Cart Gather Dust — This is not a guarantee, but this little trick is definitely worth a shot if you’re not in a big hurry to make a purchase. Put an item in your cart and close out Amazon. Within a few days, USUALLY you will receive an email reminding you you left an item in your cart, go checkout! Sometimes the email will contain a coupon code to apply to the purchase.
  7. Digital Coupons – They can be easy to over look! There can be digital coupons that apply to your purchase. Everything from paper towels to desk lamps could have a Digital Coupon! On the items page, watch for an orange box right above the Star Rating of the product. Click apply and your extra savings comes off at checkout!
  8. Prime Music – Is music a regular part of your everyday routine? Mine too! Streaming music is so convenient and there are many services that offer it. I-Tunes, Spotify, Pandora, and Prime Music! Prime Music is just another benefit to your Amazon Prime membership! Ditch that $9.99 a month membership for those other music services and just like that you’ve saved the $120 it costs to join Prime!
  9. Prime Video – Tons of TV shows and movies are available to stream to your computer, tablet, phone OR Roku or Amazon FireStick.  For no additional cost. It’s INCLUDED with Prime! Save money by not buying DVDs or renting movies as often. If you like the variety of the content, you can even move away from cable all together and eliminate that bill from your household budget! And speaking of renting movies….
  10. Credits for No Rush Shipping – Most items offer a $1 incentive for Digital Content if you choose no rush shipping. Those $1 credits STACK and can equal FREE movie rentals or purchases for digital movies for those titles that are not included with Prime Video. I never use Redbox anymore, I just choose No Rush Shipping when I don’t need an item right away and bank the credits for our movie and popcorn nights.

We hope this article gave you some nice tips and tricks to save even more money as well as enjoy all that Prime and Amazon has to offer. Do you know a tip or trick? Let us know!



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