5 Budget Travel Tips That You Need to Know Now


Are you looking for budget travel tips for an upcoming vacation.  If so you have come to the right place.  Did you know that 62% of people surveyed stated that they planned to take a vacation in 2021?

Are you planning to travel soon? Like many people, you may be itching to get out of the house following a year of quarantining for the COVID-19 pandemic.


Before you do, you have to know how you can save your money and not overspend while traveling.

Keep reading to find our top 5 budget travel tips you have to use when planning your next trip.


1. Do Research

Whenever you travel, you have to make sure that you’re searching for what to do, where to stay, and how to get around (among other things). If you’re traveling on a budget, however, you need to be a little more intensive with your research.

Usually, the best deals are not going to be the first things that you find. You’ll typically find more expensive or middle-of-the-road pricing for things unless you dig a little deeper.

Doing your research means that you’ll know ahead of time exactly how much things are going to cost so that you can plan ahead! In addition to that, you’ll be able to find better deals on everything from transportation to lodging, and this saves you a lot of money.


Some examples of things that you should look up beforehand include:

  • Free days for local attractions
  • Times and places of happy hours or dinner specials
  • Surge pricing times for transportation

Use these as inspiration. Think of what you want to do on your trip and how you might save some money doing it – start your research there.


2. Take Advantage of the Freebies

One thing to consider when you’re doing your research is free attractions and events. You also might come across discounts and deals that you didn’t know about while you’re traveling!

It could be a free one-time event or something that is free year-round. Either way, take advantage of it and don’t spend money when you don’t have to.

Look up common free items, like walking tours, parks, or beaches. Consider any attractions that you are interested in, and research whether they have free days or times that you could use to your advantage.

Remember that the goal here is to save money, but you still want to do things that you enjoy. If you find something that is free, but it doesn’t really interest you, skip it! You only have so much time to spend on your vacation.

3. Be Flexible

If you’re willing to be flexible, you’ll save a lot of money on every major expense in your travel itinerary.

For example, last-minute flights are going to be a great deal cheaper than ones you plan months in advance. Of course, this also comes with risk; you may not be able to get the exact flight you want.

Use flight comparison websites to find the flights that match your destinations and are within a frame of time (not a specific date) that work for you.

If you’re traveling for an event, you may be able to find tickets later that are cheaper because they want to fill the venue. Remember though that this also comes at the risk that you may miss out on the event entirely.

You may not get to do everything you wanted if you wait to book things, but if you’re on a strict budget and want a cheap travel plan, this is the best way to do things.

Stick to your budget, remember that you only have so much to spend, and keep in mind that a trip can still be great even if you have to forego some of the exciting things that you had in mind.

4. List Your Home for Short-Term Rental

If you’re comfortable with it, listing your home on a website that allows others to stay there when traveling can be a good way to make some extra money.

Instead of letting your home sit empty, you can allow others to stay there, and use that money toward your own lodging!

This is a really good idea if you live in a popular vacation destination already. You’ll be able to charge more for your home. If you want to fund your vacation or figure out how to save money on vacation, this may be the way to go.

5. Think About What You Really Need

You have to prioritize the things that are most important to you on cheap vacations because you simply don’t have the means to do each thing available.

The good news is that you likely already do this every day!

Consider what you’re willing to splurge a little more on while you’re vacationing.

Do you want to spend more on your dining experiences or would you rather indulge in more adventure and exploration? Are you interested in getting gourmet coffee every day or are you open to having the free coffee provided by the hotel?

Remember that the actual vacation is the main part of your trip here. The rest of it should be open to negotiation.

You have to consider your overall budget, but also your daily budget. What are you willing to spend on the items you can’t live without, and how can you save what’s left?

Do You Need These Budget Travel Tips?

If you’re planning to go on a vacation, whether it’s big or small, you need to use these budget travel tips to make sure you have a good time and don’t overspend.

Make it the trip of a lifetime, and create memories that you’ll never forget!

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