5 Tips for Online Shopping That Will Earn You Free Items

Shopping Online


Are you looking for ways to get your hands on some free stuff when you shop? Do you want to receive a higher return on your investments? If so, then you need to have a few tips for online shopping.

The key is diligence. If you’re thorough enough in your online shopping and know the spots to look, you’ll be able to score some awesome deals (as well as free items). We’re here to help you do that!


See below for a list of tips and tricks for how to get free items while you online shop. You’ll become a happier, smarter shopper!

1. Search for Samples

Samples a great. They’re free, they often come in a good size and they allow you to try out new products.


We know what you’re thinking: “I can’t tell you the last time I saw a sample”. Believe us, they’re still out there! You just have to look hard enough.

For in-store shopping, you can look for samples like hair care products from your barber/hairstylist, or food samples while you peruse around Costco or Sam’s Club.

Online shopping is no different. As long as you know the websites that are willing to give samples out, you can use them to your advantage.


Contrary to popular belief, there are sites out there that don’t want your info. They simply want to make sure their products are reaching their target market (you).

Look into sites such as Freestuff.com, Tryspree.com, Womenfreebies.com, and the like. They each offer great quality samples that you can use to find new products.

Be prepared, you will have to enter your shipping address so that they can send the samples to you directly.

The next time that you’re thinking about trying out a new product, go to their manufacturer and see if they offer samples on their site.

2. Use Online Resources

You’re busy enough as is. As much as you may want those free samples, you don’t have the time to comb through site after site. We get it!

That’s why we have created a one-stop shop for all of your coupon and sample needs. We can help you find the best deals around and even connect you with brands that are giving away things for free.

No, this isn’t just a small packet of hair gel or toothpaste. We can connect you to free stuff such as:

  • Free food from nearby restaurants
  • Razor kits and name-brand stores
  • Credit that can be used on Amazon
  • Free spending money at Victoria Secret
  • Free movie tickets with Advil purchase

The list goes on and on. As you can see, the deals and free offerings are out there, you just need a resource to find them. Use our website as your go-to source.

Here at Yes We Coupon, we’re constantly scouring the internet for the best deals and offerings. The moment we find free offers, we post them for our site users to see.

Take the time every day or two to scroll through our listings and see what you can find!

3. Create a Budget

We’ve all seen the BOGO promotions out there. Buy one, get one free. Buy three, get two free. You know what we’re talking about.

Sometimes those deals seem too good to be true. In those circumstances, the seller might be trying to lure you in with a deal that isn’t actually in your favor.

We recommend that you start by creating a budget. Set aside a bit of cash each month (nothing crazy) for extracurricular shopping.

This will help you ensure that those BOGO deals really are working for your budget. Always do the math. Learn what the normal retail price goes for.

For example, let’s say you find a deal for buying 2 pairs of $40 yoga pants and getting the third one free. Then, you find out that their normal retail value is only $30.

Now you have to decide if that deal is worth saving only $10 or not. Only you can decide!

4. Take Advantage of Free Trials

There are several services that you can try out before you ever have to make a financial commitment.

It’s always advantageous to go this route. Doing so can help you assess whether or not the service/product is truly for you.

Such brands that offer free trials range from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu + Live TV, Showtime, Discovery+, and the like.

All they need is a card on file, but they won’t charge it until the free trial period is up.

5. Play the Game

Truth be told, many name brands are willing to incentivize you with free items, you just have to be willing to spin the wheel!

For example, Baskin Robbins offers a free scoop of ice cream to all who download their app. McDonald’s will give free items, such as a large fry, with an in-app coupon from time to time.

To get some of the better free items, you need to be willing to play the game with companies. Only ever use brands that you trust and truly enjoy. Anything else is a waste of time.

Use These Tips for Online Shopping to Find Freebies

Now that you have seen several tips for online shopping and how to come across free items, be sure to use this to your advantage.

If you need more resources, be sure to use our deal finder tool to locate the best online deals at any time. Free or otherwise.

Be sure to browse our website often for the best online deals and free offerings from the top brands!