A Deal Lover’s Guide to Dollar General Penny Shopping



Who doesn’t love finding a great deal when shopping? Unexpected deals are always a great surprise like opening a gift! What’s even better than finding an unexpected deal is knowing you’re going to get some amazing bargains before you ever step foot inside the store.

Shopping at Dollar General is a great way to find deals on a variety of household products and more! With their Prices already being lower than average stores, clearance items at Dollar General are an amazing deal you don’t want to miss. You can even find some items for a penny!

Dollar General penny shopping is exciting and lots of fun to take part in. When you see the register ring up the price of an item for only one penny, it’ll change your entire mood.

How do you find these penny deals? There are several things you should know about penny shopping. In the guide below, you’ll find a few penny shopping tricks at Dollar General you need to know beforehand. Continue reading to find out more!

Understand Why Items Are a Penny

What is Dollar General penny shopping? Items in the store marked down to a penny technically aren’t supposed to be in the store. These are items that have been marked down through the system a number of times.

After an item reaches 90% clearance, there’s only so much time it’s allowed to sit on the shelf before it’s marked to a penny. When these items don’t sell under the 90% clearance, they’re supposed to be taken off the shelves. However, not all items are taken down in time, and this is when shoppers get lucky.

Unfortunately, some stores might refuse to sell you these items. If you find it in the store and it’s marked down to a penny, then you should be able to make the purchase in most cases, though. Because these are items that are supposed to be taken off the shelves, do place as many as you’d like in your basket as you may not be allowed to go back and get more.

If they don’t come up as a penny, then you can always ask to put the extra ones back. Do keep in mind that many stores mark their items down on Tuesday mornings, so this is generally the best time to shop.

Follow the Symbols

Now that you understand where penny items come from, you can begin to come up with your strategy. Knowing what the different symbols mean on the price tags can help you figure out which items have been marked down to a penny. These symbols are small colored dots that stand for a different type of discount.

Dots range in color from purple to blue, and many others in between. The items might be discounted 10-25%, 90%, or anywhere in between. You’ll need to keep up with the different colors and discounts associated with them to start determining what’s what at your store.

Every store has its own price-tag system and colors, so it’s best to take notes of these things at your specific store.

Once you learn which color symbolizes the 90% discount you can start coming up with your penny-shopping strategy. Items will typically last on the shelves at 90% for about two weeks after their mark down. After the two-week period, this is when you want to grab your penny deals.

Know the Code

Colored dots aren’t the only way to tell what items are marked down. There’s also a code on each price tag. This code will be a combination of letters and numbers.

The letters stand for the season of the item and the numbers are the year. For example, you may find a tag that reads, “SP21.” This stands for the spring of 2021.

If it’s currently March 2021, then the item will most likely not be discounted much. If the tag reads a season that’s passed or a past year, then you can expect it to have a much better discount. Analyze these codes and understand their meanings to help you discover all the best deals.

Keep Up With Penny Items

With all of those helpful tips in mind, the last thing you can do to prepare for all the amazing penny deals is to keep up with a list of what items should be marked down to a penny. That’s right, we have a penny item list for you, which makes penny shopping much simpler. When you keep up with our list of penny items, you’ll know exactly what to shop for in the store.

You can then double-check the price tags for the symbols and codes listed above and even do some extra digging around in case you find other items not mentioned on the list that you believe will ring up for a penny.

Here’s how our list works.

Every day (mostly on Tuesdays) when we know certain items will be marked down to a penny, we place the items on our list under the date for that day. You’ll then know what day to shop and what to look for. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Have You Figured Out Dollar General Penny Shopping?

After reading through the information listed here, do you now have a grasp of Dollar General penny shopping? We hope you’re able to take this information and use it to find all of the best deals possible! Don’t forget to check the price tags for the codes and symbols and then visit our list to simplify your penny shopping experience.

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