I’m NOT your typical suburban soccer mom! There are reasons they call me The Crazy Coupon Chick.  As a single mom of a daughter,  I learned to coupon out of necessity to keep me off of Food Stamps.  Over the last 6 years, couponing, saving money, and scoring freebies have become  a passion and an obsession. I pay full price for nothing and find deals on everything from our groceries to amusement park tickets,  school clothes, pet food, and even my wedding! I would love to teach you to do the same thing too!

Saving money with coupons, sales and rewards programs has done so much for my family that, ever since I unlocked the secrets myself, I’ve been teaching others the right way to extreme coupon with the magical tricks of the trade so they can provide for their families, too.  I’m also proud to say I’ve been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars worth of items out of my own stockpile to local area shelters and food pantries so others can benefit from my finds. Stick around and learn how to get started, how to get yourself organized, and how I can help you save thousands of dollars too!

When I’m not clipping coupons, I’m at a county fair, a country concert, a truck pull, playing with my many animals, watching Sons of Anarchy (guest spot maybe?) or shopping the car lot for my dream of a Ford F-350 Super Duty Diesel Dually. (I even have the tattoo to prove it!)

If you bump into me in the store, you’ll recognize me by my full cart, my Built Ford Tough tattoo and my coupon pouches!

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