Acer Spin Touch Laptop HOT Clearance Item at Walmart!!

Acer Spin Touch Laptop HOT Clearance Item at Walmart!!


Acer makes one of the top selling Notebooks sold in all major retail stores, both in stores and online.  The Acer Spin Touch Laptop is a HOT find in Walmart stores!  Bring this Laptop with you to College Classes, give this as a graduation gift, or have it at home for remote learning.  So, if you are looking for a perfect computer for back to school, or even back to work, check out this HOT deal below!

You’ll want to run for this HOT deal to your local Walmart stores! This Acer Spin Touch Laptop screen Notebook is now just $35.00 (originally $258).  You can check your stores with the UPC-191114752173 and our inventory checker button below.  As always, YOUR MILES MAY VARY with in store clearance

prices and quantity!  We have an Acer Spin and it came in very handy for remote learning!  We were able to turn it into a tent, then do a lesson on there while writing!

About This Acer Spin Touch Laptop

 This Laptop was designed with students and a classroom setting in mind. The laptop features a display that is covered with anti-microbial glass.  So don’t worry about the glare from the lights while taking notes! And the Acer Spin notebook also was designed with an agile 360-degree hinge which will allows the screen to be used in many different ways. So it can be spun and used as a tablet or a notebook. And it can also go into space-saving display mode or be set up like a tent to show movies, presentations and slideshows. This 11.6″ touchscreen laptop has a long-lasting battery that has a lifespan of up to 10 hours of use.   So, this is a perfect find if you are heading back to school.  Or if you are heading back to college!  Check your stores quick to grab this hot deal


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