How to Make Amazon Returns at Kohls

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Everyone loves shopping on Amazon. They have just about anything you could ever think of that you need or want. Shopping on Amazon is super easy and convenient but return policy is amazing as well. You can return most items with a liberal return policy. But let’s think about it. You have to package it up, bring it to the post office, possibly stand in line. That makes your shopping experience not quite as enjoyable, right?

Well Kohl’s is changing the game and handling Amazon returns! I think you’re going to LOVE this! Amazon has partnered with Kohls and Kohls will handle all your returns! Don’t even box it up! We tried it out today so we can tell you step by step what to expect! You even get a little extra perk for using the service.


Here are 4 easy steps (and a bonus tip) you will need to do to make an Amazon return at Kohls!

  1. Start the return process in your Amazon account. Select return or replace items in the items under “my orders” and selecting which items you need to return
  2. Amazon will email you a QR code to the email address associated with your Amazon account.
  3. Print that code or have it ready to pull up on your phone. Bring the item to your nearest Kohls. Returns are handled at the customer service counter where you return Kohls items or do in store pick up.
  4. You’ll get a coupon like the one we scored today! (Below)
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