Newborn Baby Shopping List for Moms on a Budget

The Ultimate Newborn Baby Shopping List for Moms on a Budget

Are you preparing for a new addition to the family? If so you are probably looking for A Newborn Baby Shopping List. Whether you’re fostering, adopting, or you’re pregnant with your new baby, you probably know that bringing a newborn into the home isn’t cheap.

There are so many things that you’re going to need to add to your newborn shopping list and the sticker shock is real. Unless you’re quite well-off, it’s best to find as many ways to save money where you can.

Remember, you don’t need everything right away. There are plenty of things that you can get later on, like clothing for older babies, toys, and other things that your baby won’t need until they grow up a bit.

We’re here to help. Keep reading for our newborn baby shopping list that won’t break the bank.

Bulk Diapers and Wipes

Everyone tells you that you’re going to go through a ton of diapers but you’ll never really be prepared until you see just how many diapers you need, even in the first few weeks. Newborns can go through eight to twelve diapers per day.

Sure, you tell yourself that you’re going to get reusable cloth diapers, but especially in those early stages of new parent exhaustion, it’s best to have disposables on hand.

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money on something that’s an absolute necessity. Make sure that you’re buying the right size. Once your child grows you can donate the spares to mothers in need.

Alongside diapers, you’re going to need wipes. Every diaper change should come along with a good wipedown to make sure your infant is fresh and clean. You can get bulk wipes for low prices.

Don’t worry about going overboard. You’ll need these for over a year.

A Good Stroller

While taking your new baby out within the first few days isn’t advised, once it’s time to take them out on the town you’re going to need a stroller. You want one that’s safe and supportive enough for a fragile newborn but also sturdy enough for a growing infant.

Not all strollers are alike, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good one. Always check for deals and discounts on reliable strollers and keep your baby secure on your next walk around the block.

Baby Formula

Many people find baby formula too expensive. It’s a necessary item, especially for parents who find themselves unable to breastfeed, but it’s also great for when you’re on the go or otherwise unable to take time to nurse the baby.

You’ll need a lot of formula, so always look around for discounts and coupons. Some people are uncomfortable with clearance formula, but keep in mind that they’re often clearance items because the best-by date is soon, not because they’re already expired.

They may also be on clearance due to dents in the packaging. In other words, don’t be afraid of cheap formula.

A Car Seat

car seat is one of the first things that you’ll need when the baby arrives. How else are you going to take your newborn home with you?

When it comes to car seats, many people think that you need one that’s expensive to be safe. This isn’t true. Unless the car seat was recalled, there’s nothing wrong with finding one that’s affordable as long as it has all of the safety features that you need.

You want one that has secure straps and good support for the baby’s neck. Check for car seat deals before your baby is born and set yourself up for a peaceful ride home from the hospital.

A Baby Carrier

Carrying your baby on your chest frees up your arms and gives you and your baby great bonding time.

There are plenty of varieties of baby carriers that you can get for cheap if you know where to look. They come for both older babies and newborns, so you can buy an extra if you want to have a spare for when your baby grows.

A baby carrier might not seem essential, especially if you have a car seat/carrier combo, but trust us on this one. You’ll be happy that you got it.

Infant Clothing

Your baby is going to grow like a weed during the first two years. While they may drop a bit of weight in the short week or so after they come home, after that they’re going to get heavier and taller all the time.

This is why you want to get infant clothing for the lowest possible prices.

It’s tempting to aim for all of those sweet dressy baby clothes, but you don’t need to keep your baby in the newest fashions all the time. Save money by shopping for discounted clothing.

Onesies and other basics are usually available for low prices if you look in clearance sections of shops. Make sure to donate your clothes once your child grows out of them.

A Baby Bath Sling

Bathing a young baby is a task. While newborns don’t need baths every day, you still need the right equipment to make sure that your baby is safe when they’re not able to sit up on their own yet.

Baby bath slings make this easy. You set the baby down in the bathtub or sink with its back and head supported by the sling and gently sponge the baby off with water and soap. This protects the baby and makes it easier for you to bathe them by freeing up your hands.

Slings are often affordable, but with enough searching, you can find them for less than ten dollars.

What’s on Your Newborn Baby Shopping List?

Preparing for a new baby is exciting, but it’s also expensive. By putting together your newborn baby shopping list early, you can look for great deals so you’re ready for your new addition as soon as they arrive.

Don’t over-spend on newborn baby essentials. You don’t need to live in luxury to provide your baby with a happy and healthy home.

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