BANNED! Is NOT Kidding Around!

Do you love printing coupons to save money? I know a lot of us do, and surely we have all seen coupons (even ones you print at home) for sale! Buying coupons? Yes it happens and is DONE playing around with those that don’t play by the rules. An Ohio mom and Instagram “coupon fairy” is going to find it a lot tougher to save money on her groceries — coupons

.com has banned her for life!

The couponer and printable coupon seller was using a software program that allowed her to bypass the print limits and fool the system into thinking she had multiple computers. She sold her unlimited prints on Instagram.

Quotient Technology, the parent company of, finally tracked her down and sued in August of 2016. They recently settled and terms of the settlement divulge she is banned from accessing’s servers permanently. Quotient is also reportedly going after another couponer for selling the software to trick into giving unlimited prints.

Personally, I am very surprised did not receive monetary compensation from all the unauthorized coupons that were sold. This serves as a powerful reminder to use coupons ethically — please do not buy or sell coupons. Buyers: you could be receiving stolen property if they are obtained by illegal means.

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