Barbie Dolls and Sets Hot Sale Plus Extra Discount on Zulily!



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Barbie’s are an extremely popular toy. They have been around a long time and are still constantly making new ones. Barbie’s can get a little expensive so you’ll love this deal to grab a few Barbie’s, or Barbie playsets for less with this sell on Zulily. This is a great time to grab a few and set them aside for birthdays or holidays.

Zulily carries all types of toys, household items and clothes. Now they have a deal on Barbie’s that you won’t want to miss out on. Zulily has lots of individual Barbie dolls, along with Barbie cars, and a bunch of sets like Barbie Market set, Pet Store and even a Barbie house! Now they are offering up to 30% off all their Barbie’s! Then when you add to your cart you’ll get an extra 10% off!! Some of these sets are selling out fast! Hurry and use the shop now button below to grab a few Barbie sets before they’re all gone!


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