Best Baby Registries The Guide to all Your Baby Registry Needs!


Best baby registries to sign up for!

Finding out you’re having a baby is exciting, yet you can feel very nervous and overwhelmed. Now when you think of all the items you need for a baby there is a long list and babies are quite expensive! Thats where baby registries come in extremely handy! Now not only are baby registries a great way to let your friends and family know what things you need and want but they also offer some extra perks that you’ll want to take advantage of! This guide will show you the best baby registries to sign up for and all the extra perks that come along with them!


Babylist is one of the best registries to sign up with. This registry has to be the most convenient and universal to sign up with. This lets you make a list and people can shop from any online retailer. Friends and family can also give you other personal gifts like homecooked meals and house cleaning. This baby registry is free to sign up and when completed you get a 15% off discount. You can also get a free welcome baby box with $160 worth of samples and coupons.


MyRegistry is another amazing one to sign up with. This one is yet again universal; you can add any item online to your registry from all different online stores. If you have created any other registries, you can also sync them on MyRegisty. A few more perks they offer is a check list making sure you can add everything you need. They also add a tasteful way to ask for cash gifts. They also make it easy for your friends and family to scan the barcodes to make off items if they are shopping in stores.


Target is next on the list for a baby registry to sign up with. When you sign up, you’ll get a free welcome kit. This kit includes $100 worth of samples and coupons. You’ll also get up to one year from your due date to make returns or exchanges. They will have an online checklist to help make sure you add everything you need, and they allow group gifting. Then when have 8 weeks till your due date you’ll get a 15% off coupon you can use on any remaining items on your registry, then if you also pay with your red card, you’ll get an additional 5% off.



The next one on the list is Amazon! The first reason why we picked amazon how convenient it is! Everyone can shop here and have it shipped right to you. They will also get free shipping on all orders over $35. Amazon also has such a huge variety on brand and all types of babies supplies you want. They also have a diaper fund that your friends and family can add to up to $550! Amazon also gives you a free welcome baby box and an additional 15% off coupon to use when registry is completed. You’ll also get 365 days from the shipment date to make any returns.

BuyBuy Baby

BuyBuy Baby is also a great spot to make a baby registry with. They have a wide variety of items and is considered a one stop shop for all your baby needs. Grab small items like diapers, wipes and pacifiers all the way up to your big items like cribs, strollers and car seats. BuyBuy Baby will also give you 15% off completion discount, you get 90 days from your due date to make any returns or exchanges and you’ll also get a free goodie bag when you sign up. BuyBuy Baby will also let you use any Bed Bath & Beyond coupons here. Best of all they have a diaper fund that everyone can add to.



Of course, Walmart had to be on list for best baby registries. Walmart has some of the lowest prices around that way you and any of your friends and family can take advantage of their everyday low prices. They have a wide range of baby items and brands as well as free instore pick up. They make it easy to sign up off your phone instore and you’ll get a free welcome box when you finish setting up your baby registry.

The Tot

The last registry on the list is The Tot. Now they don’t have as wide range when it comes to brands and some products, but The Tot cares about safe and eco-friendly baby products. All of their products are tested to give you products that have exceptional quality, style and safety! They also know that registries can be a little over whelming, so they have starter registry’s available to add all the necessities to the list for you. They also have a downloadable Thank you list.


Tips for your baby registry

We understand that there is so much to add to your baby registry that it may fell over whelming, so we have a few extra tips for you. Our fist tip is making sure you add the big items to your registry. Strollers, cribs, breast pumps all get very expensive if you’re getting them all. ADD THOSE TO YOUR LIST! A few of the registrys let friends and family go in together for a group gift. And if any family or friends want to help you out and grab one of those bigger priced items having them on your registry lets them know what you want.

If you register with a company that lets you add services think about adding food deliver, or a cleaning service. Life gets so busy when you have a newborn, take the extra help.

Add a vary of items in all different price ranges. Most friends and family will want to get you something for your baby registry but not everyone has the same type of budget. Adding thing that are in all different price ranges lets everyone shop off your registry instead of picking things out on their own.

If you’re getting close to your due date and still have shopping to do, make sure you do it off your registry. That way you can get the additional completion coupon. Then you can save on diapers and wipes or anything else you may need or want.


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