Bogg Bags

Bogg Bag sales are booming, and the unique tote has become the elusive item that every beach-goer wants.

As a bag that’s easy to wash, holds a good amount of items, and looks great while doing so, the Bogg Bag’s rise in popularity is no surprise.

But if you’ve tried to find your own Bogg Bag, you’ve likely noticed their fame has made them difficult to come by. Where can you buy Bogg Bags, and are there discounted options?

Keep reading for all these answers and more.

What Is a Bogg Bag?

Bogg Bag is a perforated bag made of EVA and is described as the perfect beach bag (though you can use it for just about anything!).

There are two main sizes: the Original Bogg Bag and the Baby Bogg Bag. The Original Bogg Bag costs $89.85, while the smaller Baby Bogg Bag has a price tag of $69.95.

Bogg Bags come in over 20 different colors (with new options designed often!), including everything from periwinkle to peach, bright blue to hot pink. If you’re looking for a bag in a more neutral color, they also offer black, white, beige, and gray.

Every Bogg Bag comes with two separate clear bags that easily attach to the Bogg Bag by snapping the inserts into the bag’s perforated holes. This creates optional storage for things like phones, keys, money, or sunglasses.

Beyond the things that come with your original Bogg Bag purchase, you can also buy cooler inserts, wine totes, bag baubles, and more.

What Makes Them So Great?

Unlike other bags on the market, a Bogg Bag is completely waterproof. This means that if you bring it to the beach and it gets covered in sand, you can rinse the bag off with water to clean it, and it will dry perfectly.

If your Bogg Bag gets something on it (or in it!) that’s a little trickier to clean, it’s okay to use soap on it too.

Bogg Bags are durable and tip-proof, meaning they won’t fall over. Their flat base helps them stay put once you put them down, which is a big reason why they make such a perfect beach bag. No one likes all of their belongings falling out of their bag and into the sand!

Another great feature of a Bogg Bag is the additional bag attachments. Not only are these handy for keeping certain items reachable and safe, but you can attach the clear plastic insert bags on either the inside or outside of the bag.

Where to Buy Bogg Bags

Because Bogg Bags are so popular, it can be difficult to track them down. Bogg Bags online are often sold out, and even though you can pre-order a new Bogg Bag, you likely won’t receive it quickly.

Luckily, there are a handful of different buying options to help you snag the bag.

The Bogg Bags Website

This is the most straightforward option and will show you the entire variety of Bogg bags. They sell out fast on their website, so opt for a pre-order option on new designs or colors when available.

The Bogg Bag website also offers a sample sale page where you can purchase heavily discounted bags (but these sell out quickly too, so check back often!).

Your Local Boutique

The Bogg Bag brand loves supporting local businesses and is known to offer bags in many small boutique stores. If you know of a local boutique near you, ask them if they offer Bogg Bags. Your chances of finding a Bogg Bag in a boutique near you are even higher if you live near the beach!


Bogg Bags are often available for purchase on Amazon and come in almost every color available. But a quick warning: Bogg Bag prices on Amazon tend to be much steeper than anywhere else. This is partly because you’re paying for the opportunity to receive the bag quickly instead of waiting for it to come back in stock.


While Bogg Bags are available in a few other main retailers, Dillard’s is a top seller.

Dillard’s offers Original Bogg Bags and Baby Bogg Bags, as well as many of the Bogg accessories (like pouch inserts). Their prices are about the same as the original Bogg website.

Use the Store Locator

The creators of the Bogg Bag helped make the process of finding a bag easier by adding a store locator to their website.

To find a store near you with Bogg Bags for sale, navigate to their website and click on ‘store locator’. After that, type in your city or zip code and icons will pop up showing you stores nearby that sell Bogg Bags.

Bogg Bag Alternatives

Can’t find a Bogg Bag in your price range? Don’t fret. While you may not get a bag with the official Bogg Bag label, there are several cheaper alternatives that are very similar to the original.

Simply Southern

The tote bags from Simply Southern look very similar to the Bogg Bag design, with the same perforations and easy-to-clean material. They even come in a variety of colors as well.

The best part? Their mini bag is a fraction of the cost of a Baby Bogg Bag at only $46.99.

Crown and Ivy

Crown and Ivy is owned by Belk department stores. Their bags also have the same design as a Bogg Bag (though a bit smaller) and come in bright color options. Crown and Ivy’s main beach bags are only $49.95 each.


These bags won’t be much cheaper than a Bogg Bag, but they do offer the unique opportunity to customize your bag to your exact liking. Bags from BuildABagg don’t have perforations like Bogg Bags, but they are made of the same material and look similar in shape and size.

Not in love with any of these options? Amazon offers lots of knock-off versions of Bogg Bags too.

Find Your Bogg Bag by Shopping Smart

Even though Bogg Bags take a little bit of effort to track down, they’re worth every penny.

With a bag that’s washable, sturdy, and stylish, you’ll be ready to hit the beach or pack up your belongings for a weekend getaway. And finding a bag that’s discounted is always a win too.

Looking for more great deals? Check out the rest of our site for all the tips and tricks you need to save while shopping.

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