Cash App Data Breach- Over 8 Million Exposed!


Cash App Data Breach– Were You Affected?

Cash App recently had another data breach, this time exposing over 8 million accounts and information. The Cash App is similar to PayPal or Venmo and lets you request or transfer money to other people. At the same time you can connect a bank account or debit card to your account to fund it. And you can even buy or trade bitcoin and other digital currencies. I have Cash App and have used it recently to send funds to friends. With this huge data breach, a former Cash App employee downloaded information for over 8 million users. It was found out after the employee was no longer working for Cash App and downloaded the files after already not working for them anymore.


That’s right! A Former employee caused this huge data breach. The former employee downloaded information like full names and brokerage account numbers. Those account numbers are used to monitor a users stock activity on Cash app. And “included brokerage portfolio value, brokerage portfolio holdings and/or stock trading activity for one trading day.” Cash App is slowly reaching out to people that were affected or may have been on what the next steps are. Read more about this at USA Today.

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