Common Mistakes People Make When it Comes to Couponing

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Common Mistakes People Make When it Comes to Couponing

Get the most out of couponing by knowing the mistakes that prevent people from getting the best savings. Learning the art of couponing means knowing how coupons work. You need to know where they are accepted and how to unlock secrets that multiply the value of the coupon. If you’ve been using coupons to save a few dollars here and there, but aren’t saving enough, here are some things, you might be doing wrong.


Mistake #1: Buying items you do not need.


Amazon deals are notorious for this problem. When you’re browsing online, it’s hard to resist some of their deals, but if you do not need the item, then do not buy it. It doesn’t matter how good the deal is- buying stuff you don’t need clutters your home and is a waste of money. Learning to pick and choose your deals is key to successful couponing.



Mistake #2: Not stocking up on the off season.


Say you use a lot of sunscreen in summer. Buying it during the summer is a mistake. It’s much more cost effective to stock up on sunscreen during the off-season. During the fall and winter, for instance, you will likely be able to find sunscreen a reasonable price. If there are any active deals on sunscreen during the off season, then that is the time to take advantage of the deal.


Mistake #3: Skipping over the fine print.


Deals usually have a fine print. If you skip over it, you may be missing out on relevant information. Things like where the item is in the store, expiration dates, the location you can use the coupon at and whether or not it can be combined with other discounts, promotions or deals are in the fine print. Being able to combine coupons with other store promotions can lead to massive savings. Reading the fine print can help you save more.


Mistake #4: Being disorganized.


When you are disorganized, it is easy to lose coupons and miss out on deals. The trick is to find a system that works for you and keep it organized. Doing this will also save you time and money. Afterall, couponing is all about saving the most amount of cash and time is money.


Mistake #5: Leaving coupons at home.


Not ringing all of your coupons to the store with you is a huge mistake. Sometimes you’ll find clearance items that match your coupons, and if you left it at home, then you’re missing out. Usually, these types of deals tend to be free or moneymakers that unexpectedly popped up. Don’t miss out- just bring your coupon binder with you to the store. You will not regret it.


Many people are interested in couponing because they hear stories of people who have walked out of the store with a single-digit bill of groceries or even walked out with extra cash and stuff. While that stuff does happen, the truth is they don’t happen often. Avoiding these common mistakes will make you a savvy shopper that can reasonably save a good amount of money. After all, everyone loves a good deal.



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