Coupon Organization: How To Set Up A File Box!


Coupon organization is crucial to catching those deals as they come. We all know some days they come at us fast and furious! Having stacks of coupon inserts strewn here and there will just be frustrating and annoying. The good news is you can put it together without it costing much at all! In fact, I’ll bet your next shopping trip with coupons will save you more than the cost of getting organized.


These are some pics of my insert box. The box itself came from Target. You can find it here.

Grab a pack of hanging file folders, like this one also from Target. You only need 3, one for P&G, one for Redplum and one for Smartsource.

Lastly, you’ll need some plain Manila File Folders. Each Folder will be assigned a date. When the insert is expired and you recycle the coupons, or cut and send them overseas, don’t toss out the folder. Grab some plain white labels, put it over the old date and write the new date with a marker!

While the manila files are cheap but kinda boring, you can spruce them up! Get the kids involved, and have a family art day! Let them “decorate” with stickers, markers, glitter, etc. My daughter loves to “help” with grown up things so this would be a really fun family project!

I hope you enjoy this idea. We would LOVE to see some pictures of how you organize your coupons and/or inserts!


Sterilite Medium Letter File Box, $9.99

Threshold File Folders, 3 pk $2.99

Up & Up Manila Files, 36 ct. $3.44


Up & Up White Rectangular Labels, $1.82

Save 5% when you use your Target RedCard

Final Price: $17.33