Black Friday Shopping Plan – How To Create One



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How To Create A Black Friday Shopping Plan

Black Friday shopping is not a spectator sport. Do you hear me? You can’t just jump in and expect to “play ball” like a pro straight off the bench. Black Friday shopping takes planning and prepping. I promise you will want to make your game plan before heading out to the stores. Take these tips and lace up your sneakers. It’s time to SHOP!

First, you MUST create a budget.

You do not want to enter these stores without a clearly defined budget in mind. It is really easy to get caught up in the moment of the sale (people are fighting over things, so of course you want one!) and you can spend your entire budget in the first store. Not cool! Figure out how much you want to spend per person ahead of time. Scan the online ads that are released early and pre-shop for your deals. Spending less while you are doing this is being a smart cookie.

Create Your Game Plan.

You do NOT want to walk into a store with no plan of attack. Every year, people get seriously injured at Black Friday events. There is even a website that has a count of the Black Friday deaths and injuries. Stores are known for placing “doorbusters” (teaser deals) to get your attention when entering the store. Keep focused and only stop if there is something you need in this area. You can find online ads available a few weeks prior to Black Friday. Look through the ads and decide the deals you want most.

A lot of time product is quickly scooped up by a handful of people. If you have something that you really want, make that store first on your stop so you don’t miss out. Or, team up and divide and conquer. You go to one store, your best friend goes to another. A lot of time super sales like game consoles and electronics marked down heavily are in limited quantity. Hit those sales up first. Keep an eye on the time the deal is going to be released. Sometimes a store will have a certain item only on sale for an hour! You want to make sure you hit those stores up first before that sale price ends.

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Plan On Shopping Early.

Stores open really early on Black Friday (some even open up Thanksgiving evening!), so plan on grabbing some coffee and heading out early. A lot of times stores have huge lines of people waiting outside for these insanely awesome deals. Make sure you are at the front of these lines if you want the best deals! Sleepyheads don’t get awesome deals on electronics and game consoles.

Check Store Policies.

Before heading out, do your homework. Some stores will honor price matching, which will be extra savings in your pocket. You would also be saving on gas because you will only have to shop at one store. Take a look at the store’s ad, it usually has their price matching policy on it. Some stores will even match Amazon pricing. If they do this, either print out the Amazon listing or bookmark the link so you can show the cashier at the time of purchase. If in doubt about any price matching, call the stores a few days before heading out so you have your plan all laid out for you.

Stay Home.

An alternative to getting trampled at the stores is staying home and shopping online deals on Black Friday (and Cyber Monday). Many times you can snag even better deals online, and of course, we will have them as they go live so stay tuned to our Facebook page and email list to make sure you’re the first to be notified.