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Dash Camera on Walmart Clearance! GO NOW

Dash Camera on Walmart Clearance! GO NOW

Dash Camera on Clearance!

WOW! Check out this Dash Camera that is on clearance at Walmart for only $0.09!! Normally $40! That is almost 100% off!! I think all cars should be equipped with one of these! Dash Cameras help record break ins, accidents, reckless driving and so much more. Additionally if you have a Dash cam video for your insurance company it can help your claim. Easily record and back up videos while on the drive. These come programmed with motion sensors to record while your car is parked if there is a break in.

This is an in store only clearance

and may not be at every store. Your mile may vary. Click the link below to search your local area with sku: 45733894. Good luck and happy hunting! Walmart clearance varies per store and location. What may clearance at one store may take months to clearance at yours. Keep checking back and scanning!




The Dash Camera suction cups to the insode of your car and connects through satellites. You can add an SD card for extra storage for videos. This also comes with complete night vison so you see things clearly in the dark. 120 degree video so you can see fully and this is rechargeable. Or you can plug into your car and it charges as you drive. The battery on this lasts for roughly 8 hours on a single full charge.