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Decorate on a Budget: Where to Find the Best Deals for Christmas and Holiday Decor


Are you a new homeowner? Are you getting excited about decorating your place now that the holidays are just around the corner?

While your nostalgia may be telling you it’s time to deck out your pad from tinsel to toe, your wallet can be telling you otherwise. Is it possible to find Christmas & holiday decor on a budget?

Believe it or not, affordable holiday and Christmas decorations may not be as difficult to find as you think. All it takes is a little homework and a dash of Kringle creativity.

Here’s where you can start decking those halls for prices you keep quietly under the Christmas tree.

1. Dollar and Dime It

A few decades ago, Five and Dime stores made shopping easy with discounted decorations, home goods, and a small selection of groceries. Most items in the store sold for only five or ten cents each.

While it’s still possible to find a few soda-counter-classic five-and-dimes across the country, most are no longer in existence. There are, however, a number of the dollar and five-dollar stores where you can find holiday decor at sparkling prices.

If you tend to change your mind about decor every year, it pays to save money by purchasing your trinkets and ornaments at bargain-basement prices. They’ll last you for the season without breaking the bank.

Discount stores are also a great way to find inexpensive gift wrap, bows, and gift bags. There’s no reason to spend more than you need to on these items since they’ll probably end up getting thrown out anyway.

2. Check Out Neighborhood Buy and Sell Groups

You may be looking for the garland to hang on your tree, and your neighbor may have a few unopened boxes of it they’d be happy to unload for a few bucks.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try going on social media buy and sell groups to find folks selling like-new holiday decor for the price of a pack of gum. Certain groups in your area may also be geared specifically toward seasonal decor.

You can also let people know what you’re looking for by posting ISO (In Search Of) messages on local community websites. Just make sure you view anything you plan to purchase in person before forking over the cash.

3. Couponing Websites

Nowadays, couponing apps can help you find deals wherever you’re looking to shop. They can help you locate hard-to-find deals if you plan on shopping in big box stores, electronic stores, or department stores.

Before you go out on Black Friday and splurge on all your favorite holiday decorations and gifts, try a couponing app, which can help you get deals without the clipping.


4. Shop Craft Stores

Even if you aren’t a wiz with a hot glue gun, your local arts-and-crafts shop can be a great place to find holiday decor. Wreathes, faux plants, and even Christmas trees are available at reasonable prices. Just make sure to check out local online deals before you shop.

Your local crafting store is also a great place to find creative toys and crafts if you’re looking for inexpensive gifts. It’s also a good stop for stocking stuffers and odds and ends like mittens and socks.

5. Home Improvement Stores

You may not be remodeling your kitchen, but a home improvement store can be a great place to find inexpensive items to brighten up your home.

Stock items like bows, planters, and trees are all plentiful and affordable at home improvement stores. And you can shop early to avoid holiday crowds.

6. Consignment Stores

Consignment stores accept items that others want to sell and offer the owners a percentage of the profits when the goods are sold.

Many local consignment stores have specialties, such as clothing, sporting goods, or furniture. Go online to find one in your area that has a lot of inventory in home decor, and you may be able to find excellent holiday decorations at bargain-basement prices!

Make sure you’re careful about any purchases you make at consignment shops. Inspect each item carefully for any wears, tears, or stains. You can also use this to help you negotiate better price.

It helps to develop a relationship with the owner of your local consignment shop, as they may be able to let you know when quality stock comes in. You may be able to find great items for other seasons as well.

7. Box Stores

Your local box store will probably have a seasonal section with many items to choose from. Ornaments, candles, and stocking stuffers are abundant and easy to find. Waiting for deals or pre-couponing can help you save even more.

Shopping for holiday decor after the big day ends requires the patience of waiting until next season to show off your finds. With a little forethought, however, you could end up saving big bucks on things like trees, garlands, and lights.

Just be sure to read up on any brands you’re going to purchase beforehand. You don’t want anything to short out before next season if you’re going to the trouble of purchasing it ahead of time.

Bargain Christmas & Holiday Decor

Choosing your own Christmas & holiday decor can be a great way to get you into the spirit of the season. Before you buy, however, you’ll want to make sure your budget is up to the task. With a little research and care, you can find sparkling items at a gorgeous price that you will treasure throughout the season.