DevaCurl Scandal! $5 MILLION Dollar Class Action Lawsuit!

DevaCurl Scandal

DevaCurl Scandal Class Action Lawsuit!

UPDATE! A CLAIM FORM WEBSITE HAS BEEN OPENED. OMG! DevaCurl Scandal News! DevaCurl hair products is a well known and popular brand of high end hair care products for those with curly hair. Recently though, the company is facing some major backlash in the form of class action lawsuits. The DevaCurl Scandal is over hair loss and damage when using the products. When it was advertised as more gentle than other leading brands it wasn’t. I personally buy these for definition for my curls.

Additionally many consumers have begun to come forward and say the DevaCurl hair products are causing scalp damage and hair loss. DevaCurl has issued two statements on their website concerning the pending litigation and will not be issuing any recalls on the hair products. If this class action comes to pass, the potential is there to be a multi million dollar settlement. Recently this class action lawsuit has passed through courts and is pending a $5,2 million settlement! This settlement is in the form of $20 rebates or $19,000 in settlements for emotional harm and hair loss. Click the link below to read more about this pending settlement. THE CLAIM WEBSITE IS OPEN AND YOU HAVE UNTIL NOVEMBER 21 TO FILE A CLAIM!


Class Action Lawsuits are great in claiming money for things you already buy. And they typically happen when there is a pending lawsuit against the way items are marketed, advertised, recalls and so much more. Additionally some of the class action settlements are no proof needed to claim your free money. However we encourage you to only file a claim if you bought the products. Make sure to read the full disclosure in the link above,


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