FREE $50 if You Have Sprint!

Score $50 FREE if you have Sprint phone service! This is too easy and a deal tons of members of our Glitch Community Group are getting! Who couldn’t use an extra $50 FREE?! This is for customers of Sprint phone service and only takes a few moments to claim. Don’t miss out!

Check out what Euv from our Glitch Community posted! “$0 to my name and then this finally deposits!! Ty glitch community!! For people who have Sprint and a credit union. Edit to add: This is a reward for being both a customer of Sprint and having a credit union. You must have both to qualify. You get $50 per line with Sprint. If you are transferring service to Sprint then you get $100 per line. Basically free money for those of us who already have both. A bonus for those switching.

Debbie got her’s too “All 5 of my sprint lines got approved for the credit union reward someone posted about the other day. It was only for $50 instead of $100 but hey $250 of free money. I’ll take it!!!!! My son is fixin to have surgery at the end of June and my husband is taking time off from work so this will come at the perfect time. Thanks again. This is going to help out so much.” If you have Sprint for phone service and bank at a credit union don’t miss your chance to get your FREE $50 too!

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