Dollar General & Dollar Tree $1.2 MILLION Settlement!

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Discount giants Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Family Dollar sell everything from Huggies diapers to Pepsi to even over the counter drugs and car care items like motor oil. Dollar General can serve as a one stop shop especially for smaller towns that may not have larger box stores like Walmart. But these Dollar chains have a really tough pill to swallow – they’ve been whacked with an over $1 million dollar fine from the state of New York. You won’t believe why!

The state of New York has fined Dollar General and Dollar Tree chains over 1 million dollars for knowingly keeping and selling expired over the counter drugs – in some cases months past the expiration dates. The investigation also uncovered Family Dollar (which was acquired by Dollar Tree back in 2015) selling Motor Oil unsuitable for modern day vehicles. The large fines New York state is imposing on Dollar Tree and Dollar General will ensure business practices are changed so that only safe, non-expired medications are sold. If you have ever picked up medication from these stores check your medicine cupboards right away and dispose of anything expired for you and your family’s safety!!


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