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Dollar General Easter Clearance starting 4-20-21!!!!


Dollar General is a very popular store for all your needs! From household goods to personal items Dollar General has it all! If you shop at Dollar General, you must know about their Tuesday Penny Days and some of their hot clearance!!!! If you want some of the cheapest deals of the week make sure you check out this weeks Clearance deals below! 


This week there is do Dollar General Penny List, however we do have some items that are starting at 50-70% off!!!   Many people score these items for super cheap especially if they tend to go fast after the 70% off sale!   Check out the items below! 

  • Easter Baking 50% off
  • Betty Crocker Frosting Dunkaroos 16 oz.     UPC 116000178066
  • Wilton Easter Sprinkles Pearl 3 oz.                UPC 70896346339
  • Wilton Easter Sprinkles Pastel 3 oz.              UPC 70896073457
  • Wilton Easter Sprinkles Mini Egg 2.5 oz.       UPC 70896073471
  • Easter Candy 50% off
  • Easter Seasonal 70% off
  • Easter Stationery & Party 70% off