Dollar General Penny List – December 20, 2022

Dollar General Penny List for December 20, 2022

Are you ready for Penny Shopping at Dollar General on December 20, 2022?  If not get ready.  This week you will find the Fall items marked down.  Look for things with maple leaves, Fall foliage, and Thanksgiving.  If you like to plan ahead and be ready for fall next year, then stop by Dollar General to hopefully score some penny items.

Remember penny shopping is not always a guaranteed thing.  These items are supposed to be pulled from the shelf, so finding them can be like an Easter egg hunt to start.  Also, keep in mind, it is up to the store discretion on whether they will honor the penny item.  If it is not honored, please remember to be nice.  The cashiers are there to do their job.  Hopefully, you are able to score some great penny deals.  Happy Penny Shopping!

This Weeks Penny List

  • Harvest Seasonal
  • Harvest Party
  • Harvest Home