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Dollar General is known for Penny Items and great Clearance deals. You can definitely save a ton of money by shopping at Dollar General.


There have been many questions about how to penny shop at Dollar General. We have created this FAQ, to help you better understand Dollar General Penny Shopping.


What is a Penny Item?

  • A penny item at Dollar General is an item that has gone past the 90% off mark, and the company marks it down to a Penny to indicate it is time to stop selling the product or it has gone out of season.

Are we allowed to buy Penny Items?

  • The answer is YES! As long as it is on the floor and not the store stock room.

Can I be Refused a sale on a Penny Item?

  • Your mileage may vary! But at this time according to store policy, they are supposed to sale penny items if the customer finds them.

How do I check if an item is going to ring up a Penny?

  • You can Download the DG GO app, or Dollar General app to scan and confirm penny items.

Dollar General Penny Deals App

I can’t find any Penny Items, What do I do?

Then the Penny items may have been pulled from your store before you got there. It is always good to get there as soon as they open. Your mileage may vary!


Is this at all Dollar General Stores?

Yes! However, you may not always find penny items. The store could have gotten them pulled before you got there, or there was another shopper before you. Penny shopping is a BIG Your mileage may vary!

When do Items Penny?

NEW penny items go to a penny on Tuesdays.

If I find a Penny Item should I buy all of them?

Once you’re to the register, and you found a penny item. You can NOT go back and grab more. The store is supposed to go back after you leave to pull the rest. So if you know something is a PENNY grab them all.


Can I ask the store about Penny Items?

It’s important not to ask the Dollar General employee’s about penny items, cause you may be turned away. You are allowed to buy the items if found in the store.

Want to find Dollar General penny deals?

Get the Dollar General Penny List



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