Dollar General Penny Shopping – All You Need to Know – Get Shopping!




Dollar General Penny Hoses!!!! RUN!


Dollar General Penny Shopping – In this article, we will teach you the best way to penny shop at Dollar General.


Dollar General Penny Shopping has become widely popular in the last two years and does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. There is a lot of misinformation out there about Penny Shopping at Dollar General and we hope this article will help you understand how to Penny Shop and what to look for. So lets get started with the basics:


Why Are Items Marked to a Penny?

Items that get marked down at Dollar General are discontinued. From what I can gather these are not recalled items but are items that are out of season or from previous year’s merchandise. This means you can score all kinds of items from Dollar General like food, beverages, toys, clothes, jewelry and so much more! Many people save the penny items for Christmas, donate to local shelters or resell. These penny items are supposed to be pulled from the shelves by the employees and thrown away. Dollar General does not like to donate items, they choose to trash all of it.

How Can I find Penny Items:

There are a few different ways to find penny items. First you need a penny list to know what to look for. There are also MANY Dollar General Penny Groups on Facebook you can join and there are even Penny Apps! I have no idea how she gets the list each week, but she updates the app on Tuesdays with the new Penny list for the week and keeps her app up to date. There are other Penny Apps but most are disorganized and have outdated penny items.
Once you have a penny list or know what items you are looking for, then you will go to your local store and SEARCH! Penny items on lists are typically matched with bar code numbers or with the symbol located on the item. (Clothes, shoes, toys and a few other things use symbols like Red Star, Blue Circle, Gray Diamond, etc)

Can I use Coupons with Dollar General Penny Items?

ABSOLUTELY! And do not let anyone tell you any different.  Coupon overages can be applied to your remaining balance of transaction.  They will not give cash back for coupon overages.


As for Dollar General Coupons (Digital), they may apply too I believe but I am not 100% sure on this.

Can Employees Refuse to Sell Penny Items to Me?

No. They can not refuse to sell you penny items that are in your cart. They can however not let you go back to get more items. Below is an email I received when I asked Dollar General about their policy: