Ever Used Venmo or Chime? Huge Settlement

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Plaid Inc Data Breach Affects Venmo, Chime, Stripe and Others

Venmo, Chime, Stripe and a few other money apps were recently involved in a huge data breach. In which Plaid will need to pay $58 million to settle the case in courts, which means a huge payout if you have an account. The amount to be payed out is not determined as of yet. This applies to anyone in the US that has used Plaid to login and gain access to your accounts, and the class action lawsuit comes after plaintiffs say Plaid acted improperly after gaining their log in info. The class action also states Plaid gained access to more financial information than what was needed for the payment, on top of the log in information, thus deceiving users and made it seem they were logging into their actual bank. This is for users who connected a financial account to an app between January 1, 2013 and November 19, 2021 in the USA. If this applies to you, continue reading to see how to file a claim online and the deadline to file.

The Venmo Data breach is huge and affects over a million users. Plaid works with over 5,000 companies for financial accounts, which is supposed to simplify instant authorization of bank accounts or payments. Plaid Inc also works with Acorns, Varo, SoFi and more similar apps that gain access to your login in info including passwords to authenticate payments. Members who have one or more of these accounts can only file one claim. And no proof is needed for this settlement. However the amount given to each person depends on the number of claims and after all attorney and court fees. You have until April 28th to file a claim online, and a final hearing for this Venmo Data Breach will be held on May 12th, 2022.

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Food Expiration Dates – What Do They Really Mean?

Advertisements Advertisements When it comes to food expirations dates, how do you know if it is still good after the expiry date?  It seems we are finding the shelves at the grocery store a little more bare these days.  So with that we are searching our pantry, fridge and freezer to see what we can
Venmo Quarterly Growth Slows Down as the Base Grows

Ever Used Venmo or Chime? Huge Settlement

Advertisements Plaid Inc Data Breach Affects Venmo, Chime, Stripe and Others Venmo, Chime, Stripe and a few other money apps were recently involved in a huge data breach. In which Plaid will need to pay $58 million to settle the case in courts, which means a huge payout if you have an account. The amount
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Amazon is Raising Prices On Everything

Advertisements Amazons Taxes Have Gone Up, Which Means Higher Prices on Everything. Amazon announced that starting on April 28th, any sellers who use their fulfillment services will need to start paying higher taxes in the form of a fuel surcharge. This comes about after gas prices have sky rocketed the last few months. “The surcharge
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HUGE Kinder Chocolate RECALL! Spread the Word!

Advertisements Huge Kinder Chocolate RECALL Before Easter! Kinder chocolate has been recalled before Easter over health concerns. There are two different chocolates recalled over Salmonella concerns, which can cause you to get extremely sick. These two different kinds of Kinder chocolate is being recalled in both Europe and the USA. While there have been no
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**ALERT** – Brownies RECALLED in 14 States That May Cause DEATH!! Please Share!

Advertisements Dianne’s Fine Desserts of Newburyport, MA 01950 is voluntarily recalling 512 cases (2048 trays) of Gordon Food Service (GFS) Sienna Bakery® Chocolate Decadent Brownies (GFS#226240) and Sienna Bakery® Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies (GFS#226260) due to inadvertent mislabeling of the inner tray of brownies, resulting in undeclared peanuts. People who have an allergy or severe
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Door Dash Making Changes Due To Coronavirus

Advertisements Advertisements Delivery and carryout is the way to go right now with many restaurants turning to carryout only during this Coronavirus outbreak. Door Dash has made changes to accommodate the restaurants and customers. Advertisements Door Dash is offering a leave it at the door option so that contact is limited. They are also offering
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Walmart Closing These Stores Permanently!

Advertisements Walmart is Closing These Stores Permanently Next Month! Walmart has announced they will be closing some stores next month permanently. With over 5,000 stores spread across the US, Walmart has a huge presence for physical retail stores. This giant retailer is a store we all know and shop at for a majority of our

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Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Coming This October! 

Advertisements If you love shopping Amazon Prime Day, then you’ll love this!! Amazon has just announced Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Coming This October! This is a Prime member-exclusive event, and they will have tons of special offers for you. On top of amazing deals, they have announced that this sale will be available to
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Vizzy Hard Seltzer Settlement! FREE $15 No Proof Needed!

Advertisements Advertisements Molson Coors Beverage Co which owns Vizzy Hard Seltzer has recently agreed to settle a Class Action Lawsuit for false advertisement. The company went under fire recently with their claims of each can having Vitamin C from Acerola Superfruits. While the company has not admitted to any wrongdoing, they have agreed to settle
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Meta Platforms HUGE $37 Million Settlement! Claim Now!

Advertisements Advertisements Meta has a new class action lawsuit with a $37 million dollar settlement. Recently Meta has been sued over collecting users locations, even when they had their locations turned off. This lawsuit includes anyone in the United States who used the Facebook application on their mobile device and had location services turned off
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$300 Cash Settlement NO PROOF NEEDED!

Advertisements $300 Cash Settlement NO PROOF NEEDED! I LOVE surprises don’t you? Especially when the surprise is a check for $300 that comes in the mail. This class action is super simple to join just make sure NOT to claim over $300. You may submit a claim if you are an individual who purchased a


Advertisements Pepsico North America has issued an URGENT RECALL On Starbucks ready to drink Frappuccino bottles.  The reason for the recall is listed as glass  in the bottles. Below you will find a link for more information from the FDA Starbucks frappuccino Vanilla. Chilled Coffee Drink. 13.7 Fl Oz (405mL). UPC 0 12000-81331 3. Starbucks
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Tylenol Linked To Autism – Join The Class Action Lawsuit

Advertisements Children with autism whose mother’s used any form of acetaminophen during pregnancy, are eligible for major cash settlements. Families may be owed compensation if child was diagnosed with autism, in an autism program at school, or in an early detection autism program. No cost or obligation review, only takes 60 seconds. What is Acetaminophen
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