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Frequently Asked Questions On Getting Deals – Yes We Coupon



We get a lot of questions everyday on how to get these amazing deals.  We compiled a list of answers to all the frequently asked questions.  Take a look and get the answers to all your questions below.  Start saving money and getting these glitches, clearance deals and more.

1. What are the Facebook Group Rules?

GO HERE to view our Group rules.  All members must read and agree to groups rules upon joining.

2. What do I do? How Do I get the deal?

Good News, we provide you with that information. Just click the link, it will bring you to the post. Everything you need to know will be in the post. It will tell you whether the item is found In-Store or Online. Keep in mind that In-Store Clearance is YMMV = Your Market/Mileage May Vary.


How Do I Get The Walmart Clearance Deal?

If it is a Walmart Deal, then use this group as a guide. Once you see someone post a deal they found, you will eventually see the price drop in your store too. You just have to keep checking. It can take Days, Weeks, Months or even a year or two on some items. It all depends on your region and/or management. Clearance Shopping is the Thrill of the hunt for the best deal. And don’t forget to scan the products, some may be unmarked. Good Luck! Happy Shopping and Saving!

3. Why do you put the link in the comments and NOT on the main post?

The answer is Facebook has forced us to do this. If we post a link when making a post Facebook does not show it to you guys 90% of the time. If and when it does it is days later. To avoid that and make it so you guys actually see it we have to do a text post then put the link in the comments. Believe me we don’t like doing this either but we do not want you guys missing the deals so this is what we have to do.

How can you help? You can help by copying the link that we share in the comments and pasting in a new comment to bump the post so other members don’t have to scroll up so far to search for the links.

4. Why do I say “Me” and nothing happens?

If you go to McDonald’s Drive through and ask for a cheeseburger you will not find a cheeseburger magically appearing in your lap. You actually have to drive around to the window and pay for it and they will hand you your cheeseburger. It takes a little work on your part.


Now, by the same token when you respond “Me” or leave an emoji on a post the deal is not going to magically happen. UPS isn’t going to magically show up at your door with an item. You actually have to click on the link that we share to get the deal. We ask for interaction on posts (saying “ME”) to keep the group active and bump the deal so all can see.

5. What is a Glitch?

A Glitch is when codes stack that don’t usually or when you find something that was priced incorrectly.

6. What is a Glittering?

Glittering is the improper use of a coupon on a product that it is not intended for.  Glittering is coupon fraud.  Always read the coupon you are using and make sure it matches the product you are buying.


7. How can I find glitches?

GO HERE to see our “How To Find A Glitch! – Step By Step Guide!

8. How to turn on notifications for the group?

At the very top of the page you can see when it says joined, share, and notifications. Click on notifications and then you can select to get highlights, friend’s posts, or all of them!

9. How to follow a post?

In the upper right corner of a post is a small down arrow. If you want to follow the comments of a post click on that arrow. You will then see an option to “turn on notifications for this post.” This stops the “.” “following”.

10. What is a burner card?

A Burner Card is a prepaid credit card that you can use to make purchases with.  You get to set the amount you want to spend.  This is a secure way of making purchases online or while traveling as they are not connected to your personal bank account.

11. What stores Price Match?

There are several Stores that Price Match.  Always check the store Price Match Policy before heading out.  Also be sure to have proof in hand that you found the same exact item for a lower price.  We will be working on a list for you soon.

12. What do these acronyms mean?

Go here to get a list of frequently used acronyms .

Below is a sneak peek of what you might see…

  • YMMV = Your Mileage/Market May Vary ~ Meaning that it might not be the same at your store
  • Q = Coupon
  • OP =  Original Poster
  • OYNO = On or Off Your Next Order ~Used mostly with Catalina offers

13. What is the shopping cart trick?

 The shopping cart trick can get you a store credit card to almost any store. Read more about it here:

14. Does Yes We Coupon Get Paid For Clicks?

Absolutely we do if you visit one of our sponsors on the site. We are a company and this is a job for each and everyone of us. Just as any other website gets paid for what they do. However we never ever charge our viewers or members for the deals we find or provide. The small percentage we make on advertising helps cover the costs of running a website and also helps with the endless hours we put in each day finding these deals for you. If you do not like that fact that we make a small percent you certainly do not have to check out our deals or even be in our groups. We want people here that are happy to get the deals and appreciate all that we do.

15. How do I get the Dollar General Penny Deals?

GO HERE it will answer all of your DG Penny Questions.

16.  Why does it ask me to get the App or Join if I already have?  I can’t seem to find the deal with the Join pop-up.  What do I do?

If you already have the app or have joined groups.  All you have to do is simply click outside of the join box or click the Close Button x. Then you can proceed to the deal.

17. How do I find deals on your website? I can’t find the one I’m looking for.

You can use our site search bar. The site search bar, will help you find the deals you are searching for.


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