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Great Value Everyday Soft 2-Ply Facial Tissue, 160 Sheets

as of July 28, 2022 7:26 PM

Give your nose much-needed relief with our gentle Great Value Everyday Facial Tissues. These facial tissues are strong and soft, perfect for everyday. Keep a few boxes around your home, at your desk at work, and your car for relief whenever you need. With gorgeous, neutral designs this box of tissues will blend in with your decor. This box include 160 2-ply tissues. The next time you get a case of the sniffles, protect your nose with our gentle Great Value Everyday Facial Tissues. Great Value products provide families with affordable, high-quality grocery and household consumable options. With our wide range of product categories spanning grocery and household consumables, we offer you a variety of products for your family's needs. Our products are conveniently available online and in Walmart stores nationwide, allowing you to stock up and save money at the same time.