FREE $10 Promo Reward with CVS CarePass!


$10 Promo Reward at CVS

If you already do a lot of shopping and get your prescriptions at CVS, you should totally check out the CVS CarePass membership.  This is a monthly paid membership.  However, right now you can try your first month for FREE.


Now how do you get the Free $10 Promo Reward?  You should receive the $10 promotional reward approximately 48 to 72 hours after your monthly benefit cycle begins.  With the CVS CarePass you will score 20% off CVS Health brand products, Free same-day RX delivery, FREE 1 to 2-day shipping, and a 24/7 Pharmacist Helpline.

The CVS Carepass membership is only $5 or $48 for the year!  However you will get the $10 promo reward every month to spend, so it’s like getting this membership for free with a little extra.  Sign up online or in-store.  Go to CVS for more details on the CVS CarePass membership.

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