How to Find the Best DoorDash Deals


Door dash is a delivery service that can be used at most restaurants. When your favorite restaurant doesn’t deliver, order on door dash and get your food without leaving your house.

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Does Doordash Have Promo Codes

Yes Doordash often gives out promo codes to save you money

Does Doordash Deliver in my area?

To find if Doordash delivers you can go here


Are you a loyal DoorDash customer?

Amp up the experience by getting access to exclusive DoorDash deals and promos! It turns out that there are ways to game the system, so you aren’t stuck waiting only on what DoorDash gives you.

You can take advantage of the app and email notifications to force promos and hoard them. You can share them with friends to use them together. The best thing is you can find external sites with all the extra discounts DoorDash isn’t telling you about.


If you learn to use your promos and combo them right, you can get way more value. For a quick guide about finding and using the best DoorDash deals, read on.

What You Need to Know About DoorDash Deals

Thanks to DoorDash, it’s never been easier to get our favorite food delivered for an affordable price. It saves you the hassle and lets you enjoy food even from places that don’t usually deliver.

As affordable as DoorDash is, especially when you consider the time and effort you save, it can add up after a while. There are great ways to save more money on DoorDash.

The drivers still get their tips, and DoorDash keeps making money. Take advantage of as many DoorDash deals as you can on the app and through their service. If you download the app and make an account linked to your email, you’ll get tons of DoorDash promos and deals.

DoorDash wants to get you hooked. They’ll offer free delivery or a flat dollar amount off for your first app order. If you refer a friend, you’ll get another discount.

Keep your email linked and allow yourself to receive notifications for periodic deals. These tend to get specialized for your area and even incorporate places you go to often. The app and your emails will prompt you with deals and discount codes.

If you have the app, you can also sign up for a subscription, which is cheaper for students. The DoorDash Pass gives you access to even more discounts and frequent promotions to take advantage of.


A Note About the App

Keep in mind that you don’t always need to claim the promos via the app. You can stockpile them and note down the codes for future use. The same is true when the regulations get sent via email.

You don’t have to always click the button in the email. You can input the code on the app or give it to a friend. Being creative will let you combine and use your discounts to squeeze out even more savings.

You’ll see the same kinds of periodic promos pop up from time to time. If you time the expiry dates well, you might be able to double your value. A nifty trick for creating new DoorDash deals is to create an order, leave it in your cart, and then not check out.

After a certain period of time, DoorDash will send you a reminder about it. Not only that, but DoorDash will tend to offer you a promo on the spot to get you to complete your order. DoorDash might be getting wise to this trick, but it still happens surprisingly often.

Take advantage of this advice while you can to get the best DoorDash deals today.

Look Outside the App

Tons of people always forget to look outside of the app. The app wants you to order more food, so it gives you the occasional deal. The problem is it sprinkles these out like breadcrumbs.

If you use DoorDash often, you might only be able to use a promo every 3-4 orders if you only rely on the app to find them. To get the best deals on DoorDash, you should look at external websites.

Many will aggregate deals, coupons, and promo codes from various sources. They save you the trouble of hunting for them yourself. There’s a key reason why these sorts of sites work.

A lot of promos and discounts stay active for long periods. The app might not shove it in your face when you can get $15 off any order, but the code could still work. Not all codes are user-specific or one-time use.

Many promotional codes can get used by multiple people at least once. That means if DoorDash shows it to you but not your friend, sharing the code lets you both use it. It’s a great way to double your savings.

By looking for a DoorDash coupon outside of the app, you can see a full list of all the available options. Some of them are only advertised in certain regions but can get used outside of them. Using these sites makes sure you can always find a deal without waiting on DoorDash.

Use Combos

The best way to find and use DoorDash promos is to combo as much as possible. Make sure to stockpile what the app gives you, as we mentioned above. On top of this, use external sites to find deals that you can use alongside the official ones.

Sometimes, DoorDash gives you a free delivery above a certain order value. If you combo it with a promo you found outside for the restaurant you want, you could get a flat discount to go with the free delivery. You might even be lucky enough to end up with free food and no delivery fee.

If that happens, all you need to do is tip the driver, and you’ve still made off like a bandit. It’s worth noting that many apps like DoorDash will charge you extra for ordering via the app. Because of this, taking advantage of smart promo combos will go a long way toward balancing it all out.

Finding Good DoorDash Deals

The best way to find DoorDash deals is to look everywhere. Use the app and the discounts you can get from DoorDash, but also check external sites for the codes they don’t want you to know about yet. Find clever ways to combine your promos for maximum value, and watch out for expiry dates.

The best way to pull this off and find all those hidden codes is to find a reliable site. Glitchndealz has a treasure trove of discounts and deals on anything you can think of. Give us a shout today to find out more.

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