FREE Pancakes at Ihop! Who wants Pancakes?

How does FREE Pancakes at IHOP sound? Everyone loves pancakes, and getting them FREE makes it even sweeter! Pancakes are a yummy sweet breakfast. Plus at Ihop you can get them any way you like with lots of different toppings, flavors and and even fruit baked right in to your pancakes! Plus they offer special pancakes to fit certain holidays.

Get signed up below and get your offer for FREE Ihop pancakes now! IHOP’s Pancake Perks offers FREE pancakes on your Birthday  and other coupons and deals. Ihop members get special member only offers, it also makes it very easy to order online for a quick easy pick up and get extra perks during the year. If your a breakfast or pancake lover you’ll want to check out this app. Plus Ihop has a mix of lunch and dinner food that you can order any time of the day! Use the button below to sign up and get your free pancakes from Ihop.


Ihop is a great place to go out to eat with friends and family. They have food for everyone and all types of options all day long. So you can even have a dinner option during breakfast! Plus who doesn’t love free food on your birthday. Plus check out our list of all the other restaurants that you can get stuff for free on your Birthday. From full meals to desserts and even gift cards! Hurry and don’t miss out on these free pancakes at Ihop!



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