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The trend towards artificial Christmas trees started in 2002 and it hasn’t slowed down yet.


Americans are increasingly choosing long-lasting plastic trees over their needle-shedding counterparts. So much so, that Christmas tree production’s fallen by 30% in recent years.

If you’re in tune with the latest trend towards fake trees, here’s how to find the best deals on artificial Christmas trees this season.

Choosing the Best Artificial Christmas Tree

The first step in finding a great Christmas tree for your home is working out how to get the most bang for your buck. No matter the price, a tree that doesn’t live up to your expectations isn’t the best deal for you.

These are the things to consider when choosing the perfect artificial Christmas tree for your situation.

Height and Width

There are three general widths when it comes to artificial Christmas trees, namely pencil, slim, or full. The size of these trees begins at tiny ones suitable for your tabletop to full-size specimens up to 12 feet.


Always measure the spot you’ve earmarked for your tree before you order one online or head out to the shops.

Prelit Trees

These types of trees minimize set up and clean up since you don’t need to worry about untangling yards of Christmas lights and stringing them up.

They aren’t without the usual problems associated with Christmas lights though. Be sure to choose one with ”burn-out protection” so the rest of the lights stay on if one burns out.


Flocked and Accented Trees

Flocked trees look like they’re dusted with snow or glitter. You can choose from those with a liberal sprinkling or those with only a few flecks of color.

Accents refer to things like pinecones and berries that increase the natural appearance of the tree. These items are permanent, so you can’t change them if you want to embrace a different style next year.

Branch Types

You’ll find two types of branches to choose from, namely hinged or hook-in. Hinged trees have permanently affixed branches that fold down while in storage. You’ll need to attach hook-in branches one by one.


Manufacturers make artificial Christmas trees from either PVC or PE plastic.

PVC needles attach to the branches with wires, while fabricated PE plastic trees have a more realistic appearance. These types of trees may also have sculpted branches that look more like those of real evergreen trees.

Other types of artificial Christmas trees include tinsel and feather trees which aren’t meant to look like real trees at all. Instead, these white, silver, or gold trees are purely decorative and available from desktop sizes to full size.

All these factors affect the price of artificial Christmas trees but there’s one certainty regarding these trees. When you know how to shop, you’ll always get the best deal.

Why Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree?

Although a traditional live Christmas tree may spark fond memories of your childhood, they do have their drawbacks.

For starters, live trees do a far better job of conserving the Earth’s ozone layer when they’re outside in nature. By contrast, artificial trees made of plastic are recyclable once the tree comes to the end of its ten-year lifespan.

Artificial tres also don’t shed pine needles all over your house, they’re much cheaper than traditional trees and more versatile. You can get fake trees in every shape, size, and color your heart desires.

It’s no wonder that they’re becoming the first choice for celebrating Christmas across the country.

Shopping For the Best Deals on Artificial Christmas Trees

You’ll find the best prices on Christmas trees in much the same way you can hunt for bargains on any desirable item. These are the top solutions for savings:

  • Look out for annual sales like Black Friday or post-season sales
  • Sign up for newsletters from your favorite stores
  • Download specialized savings apps
  • Use the Google shopping tool for alerts

These are some of the best deals we’ve found so far this season:

One Penny Artificial Christmas Trees

You’ll find these super-cheap trees at the Dollar General store. They’re traditional green trees in tabletop size.

You’ll need to buy lights and decorations separately.

Madison Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

If you like real-looking artificial Christmas trees, this ones for you. On sale at Walmart for just 39 dollars, these beauties are over 6ft high. They come with a full set of 300 clear lights and free shipping too.

Amazing Amazon Christmas Trees

Amazon has a host of great deals on Christmas decorations available, including a seven-foot Alexa-compatible artificial Christmas tree with led lights at 14% off.

Other great finds on this platform include prelit mini Christmas trees, 5ft Hrabn prelit foldable Christmas trees with a colored star, and slender prelit trees perfect for decorating the entrance to your home.

A Tiny Tree for Tiny Tots

Parents pay close attention. You can get a Step 2 My First Christmas Tree at 10% of the original price at Walmart. This solid plastic tree’s the perfect way to get the smallest family members involved in the Christmas spirit.

At this price, you’ll have to move fast, check out your local Walmart store now.

Shop Like Every Day is Christmas

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