Great Clips Coupon Haircut for Only $8.99!

Great Clips Coupon!

Great clips are a great place if you’re in need of a haircut. Now they have a great clips coupon available, and you can get a haircut of only $8.99! Now through May 2nd you can redeem this coupon at any participation locations and save big on your next haircut. There is a limit of one coupon per customer. And they make it very simple to use. Simply click on your great clips coupon, then either printer when your headed to your haircut or send it to your email so you can save it for when you’re ready.

More great clips promotions

If you miss the $8.99 coupon or already used your they have plenty of other Great Clips Coupon for you to save on your next cut. Like right now when you sign up to receive emails you will get a $2.00 off coupon. Another offer that they always offer is a $2.00 senior discount. You have to be at least 65 to qualify. Another promotion they will always offer is on Veteran’s Day active and retired veterans can redeem a free haircut. If you’re looking for more promotions for Great Clips make sure you check out, you locate one. Some will off student discount or bundles throughout the year. Make sure you either print your coupons or are able to shop them off your phone to be able to redeem them for your appointment.

Save time at Great Clips

Great Clips is making it easier and saving you time with their online check in. Now all from your phone you can check the wait time of the Great Clips around you. Then you can even hold your place in line. When it’s almost your turn they will notify you when it’s time to head to your appointment.

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