Halloween Town 1 And 2! Major Savings At Walmart!

Halloween Town 1 And 2! Major Savings At Walmart!

Halloween Town Double Feature-

If you are a Disney fan or just a fan of the spooky season then you probably know about Halloween Town! This is a great series of movies that comes out right around the spooky season and is a perfect movie for the whole family to Watch! If you are looking to grab this movie then hurry and check out this amazing find! Not only do you get the first one but this deal is a bundle that includes both Halloween Town 1 & 2! Don’t miss out on this amazing deal! Check it out below to see how cheap you can grab this item!




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This is a movie about a family of witches that learn their powers and find their way into a portal that brings them to a place called Halloween town! This place is filled with anything but ordinary people and creatures and they must learn to use their powers to save themselves and others from evil! these movies are full of fun, comedy, scares and so much more! Don’t miss out on this amazing price!