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Herbal Complexion Stick0.26fl oz

Herbal Complexion Stick0.26fl oz

as of August 6, 2022 8:05 AM

Removes oil & unclogs pores Reduces inflammation Stimulates surface cell renewal COMPLEXION STICK: With Burt's Bees herbal tea tree oil infused complexion stick, control and eliminate pesky imperfections with this natural, fast-acting acne spot treatment; package may vary. PORE CLEANSER: Formulated with tea tree and juniper oils known for their astringent qualities, Burt's Bees herbal complexion stick naturally treats unwanted spots and seals pores. EXFOLIATOR: Combined with willow bark, calendula and tea tree oil, Burt's Bees herbal complexion stick gently exfoliates to remove dead skin while controlling acne imperfections. NATURAL SKIN CARE: Infused with 10 herbal ingredients, Burt's Bees herbal complexion stick is 99.9% natural origin and is the perfect blemish solution to clear pores. FACE CARE: Clear up your skin with Burt's Bees herbal complexion stick that purifies the surface, clears pores and treats unwanted spots. Treat your blemishes naturally with Burt's Bees Herbal Complexion Stick. Infused with 10 herbal ingredients including Tea Tree and Juniper Oils, known for their astringent qualities. Combined with willow bark, which clarifies and gently exfoliates skin to clear pores and calendula to reduce irritation. Economically sized to fit into a pocket or purse, so you can apply it anytime, anywhere. This 99.9% natural concentrated formula keeps your skin clear and beautiful, naturally. Made in UNITED STATES(of global ingredients.) After facial cleansing, simply roll on as needed. © Burt's Bees Inc.


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