Hobby Lobby Sale Hacks to Save Big on Home Goods and Crafts


With more than 900 stores and 43,000 employees, Hobby Lobby has grown into a very popular store for crafts, home goods, and other items. And we all know we’ve been part of that growth! It’s hard to turn down their fantastic sales and nifty craft items hiding around every corner.

So how can you save money when you’re shopping there? When’s the best time to look for a Hobby Lobby sale to help you get what you need for the best price? Read on for all the best tips and tricks for saving money at Hobby Lobby!

Know the Hobby Lobby Sale Schedule

One of the best things about the store is the regular Hobby Lobby weekly sales on many of their goods. Memorizing that schedule and knowing when to shop for certain things is a great way to save plenty of money!

For starters, craft and jewelry supplies go on sale every three weeks. With these regular supplies, crafts are usually 30% off. Even better, jewelry-making supplies are 50% off during these sales!

You also get wall and home decor on sale every two weeks. Much of the decor, as well as frames, art, and art supplies, are all 50% off during these sales! You can also get 30% off yarn and needle art, and 40% off paper crafts during these sales.

Finally, there is a “constant sale” on objects like furniture, books, custom frames, and a few other items. These are constantly anywhere from 30% off to 50%, and can be great savings! Although some people argue about whether it can be considered a sale if it’s constant, these low prices are still great ways to save on your shopping!

Watch for Irregular Sales on Supplies

Sometimes Hobby Lobby will also have surprise sales on many of their other supplies and products. These sales are harder to predict, and don’t come as regularly. That means you need to keep your eyes peeled in store and in places like newspaper ads to see when these unique sales occur!

Many unique items like electronics and Cricut machines only go on sale on rare occasions. Even certain paper products don’t always go on sale, so their irregular sale days are great days to stock up!

It’s tough to know about these sales ahead of time, especially if you only pay attention to the regular sale schedule. You’ll just have to keep an eye on any flyers or ads you see, and maybe even try searching online for “hobby lobby sales this week” to see if anything pops up. When they do come around, that’s a great time to get that expensive machine you’ve had your eye on!

Seasonal Deals Are the Best!

Hobby Lobby also offers plenty of seasonal deals. Depending on what seasonal items you’re looking for, there are some great times of the year to do your shopping!


Fall decor and craft items go on sale at 40% off starting in July, and the sales continue through October. In November, the sales start at 50% off, and by the end of the month, they’ve ramped up to 80% off! Fall tableware is also 50% off in the last two weeks of November.

Overlapping with this, Halloween items are 40% off starting in the last week of September, going all the way through October. Christmas trees, floral, decor, and crafts also start going on sale towards the end of the year. They start at 40% off in August, then get cheaper and cheaper as Christmas approaches, before finally going to 80% or even 90% off at the beginning of January!

The end of the year is a great time for many other items as well! Christmas lights go on sale from August through November, and hobby items are 20% off from the first week of December until the week before Christmas.

After that, you can find Spring Shop items at 40% off from the end of December through May. Starting at the end of May, these items go up to 50% off, and then 66% off from June through the beginning of July.

And then there are sales for more minor holidays as well! For example, all 4th of July items get 30% off from June through the end of the holiday. And many Valentine’s items get 40% off from January through the end of the holiday!

Use Coupons and Promo Codes

You can also keep an eye on our newsletter for the latest news, sales, and coupons at Hobby Lobby. We can help you find the best coupons and deals throughout the year, saving you the time of having to dig through flyers and websites!

Whenever you get the chance to use a coupon or get more savings, take it! You’ll be amazed at how much you can save with regular sales, and coupons are the cherry on top of all the rest of your savings.

Any chance you get, you always want to take advantage of coupons, promo codes, and other sales. Try your best to plan your shopping around what’s on sale at Hobby Lobby, as well as any coupons you have, and you’ll be amazed at how much you can save!

Learn More About How You Can Save Money!

Finding a Hobby Lobby sale for the items you need isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the savings you get in the end! It’s always great saving money, and it’s even better when you can do it at Hobby Lobby!

If you’d like to find more great sales and deals, or you want to get deal alerts whenever things go on sale at Hobby Lobby, be sure to check out our website or install our deal app! We are constantly searching for the best deals, promos, and sales, and are eager to pass on these great savings to you for whatever store you want to shop at.

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