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Who doesn’t like free stuff? More than likely you’ve heard the phrase “Nothing in life is free”, but that’s not necessarily true. Believe it or not, there are dozens of ways to get free stuff, especially nowadays. Companies are eager to know how their product will sell on the market, and the best way to get those answers is by partnering with everyday consumers.

With the domination of the internet and social media, the public has more power than it used to. In today’s time, an angry customer can voice their opinion on a review site like Yelp or leave a comment on social media. That means that companies can no longer afford to sell items that are not up to par. That’s good news for a person who likes to try out new products.

If you are interested in learning how to get free stuff to review, take a look at the information below.



McCormick has had a reputation for creating delicious spice blends for many years, and they would like to keep it that way. The company allows consumers to try out small packets of seasonings in exchange for their opinion.

Residents living near McCormick facilities in New Orleans or Hunt Valley, Maryland have more of an opportunity to review products. However, consumers in other areas can also fill out an application for nationwide sampling or online surveys.

The Pink Panel

If you love beauty products, the Pink Panel is perfect for you. In order to get free products to review, you would have to fill out a lengthy questionnaire.


But on the bright side, the company offers tons of samples for cosmetics, moisturizers, lipstick, eyelash products, and more. Plus, those who provide their reviews with a certain amount of time could potentially get a $50 Amazon gift card.


There’s always going to be a need for laundry products, right? Well, Snuggle offers free items for reviews and allows their Snuggle Bear Den members to try their products before they hit the market. If you have a social media account, that’s all it takes to register!

Vocal Point

If you’re wondering how to get companies to send you products to review, become popular online. Vocal Point directs its focus towards social media influencers to get more eyes on their merchandise. To get free products to review, they require that you do a bit of promotion. If you have a hefty following on social media, this company is a good fit!!

Pinch Me

Pinch Me makes it easy for consumers to learn how to get free stuff to review. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire letting them know about your shopping habits and the types of products you like.


After they build your profile, they send you out free stuff to try. Simply provide feedback on your thoughts about the products and they’ll submit your thoughts to those brands. It’s that simple!


Are you an educator? If so, Mead gives teachers a chance to test out school supplies in exchange for your opinion. The Mead4Teachers program requires you to register, complete a survey, and provide feedback on their products. Even if you don’t like the products much, teachers can’t ever have too many supplies.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire’s Velvet Rope Club is an awesome way to get free products to review. As a member of the club, you get access to items like mascara, lipstick, and more. The amazing part about it is that you’re not required to do a review of the products. Plus, you’ll gain access to sweepstakes, special offers, and insider events.


The freebies just keep rolling in with this brand ambassador. BzzAgent partners with companies like Unilever, Hershey’s, Gillette, Rimmel London, and more. To begin, you have to provide information on your interests, then they’ll send you products that match your profile.

In exchange for the freebies, all you have to do is share your opinion on social media!

Betty Crocker

There aren’t too many people who wouldn’t want free samples from this tasty brand. Sign up for the weekly Betty Crocker emailing list to get access to product giveaways and coupons. However, in order to get free food to try, you must act swiftly. If you spot a free sample email in your inbox, go ahead and click on it. All of Betty’s review products are first come, first serve.

How to Get Free Stuff to Review

You might be thinking,” What’s the catch”? But honestly, there isn’t one. Most manufacturers simply want your honest opinion about their products. It’s that easy!

Actually, giving out free items for reviews is apart of most companies’ marketing plan. With that said, it’s a good idea to visit the websites of your favorite products. You might find that those retailers offer product review programs as well!

Freebies for Everyone

Imagine shopping at the store, going through the checkout line, and your products rang up for zero dollars! Wouldn’t that be an incredible day? Well, once you learn more about how to get free stuff to review, that’ll be your reality. It doesn’t matter if you get your freebies at the market or in the mail, it’s all no cost to you.

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