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How to Get Manufacturer Coupons





Everyone likes saving money, but coupon clipping can tedious and time-consuming. What if I told you there was a way to save time by receiving the latest manufacturer coupons by mail?


It’s not a fantasy; it’s for real. This article will teach you how to get manufacturer coupons in the mail so you can save time and the hassle of hunting for coupons.

How to Get Manufacturer Coupons

Manufacturer coupons are a great way to save money on everyday household items. A dollar off here and fifty cents off there can really add up to big savings in a month.

But clipping coupons is such a hassle. You have to sort through all the items to find the ones you need and then physically cut them out to take with you to the store.

Now there is a way to get the coupons you want in your mailbox. Keep reading to learn how to get free manufacturer coupons in the mail.

How to Get a Lot of Manufacturers Coupons

One way to get a lot of manufacturer coupons to visit their website. Many manufacturers have a section on their webpage devoted to coupons. Click on the section for coupons and scroll through to see what you can find.


While you are there, check to see if the manufacturer has an email list. Email lists are a great way to keep up with your household’s favorite brands. Often, manufacturers send coupons out via email or mail to the people who are signed up on their email newsletter.

If you visit a manufacturer’s website that doesn’t have a section devoted to coupons or an email newsletter, send the manufacturer and email.

Head over to the “contact us” page on the website and write them a quick note asking where you can find their coupons and if they send coupons via the mail or email to their customers.


You will get a reply from someone at the company who will let you know about their coupons and sign you up for the list to start receiving their coupons.

Repeat this process for all your favorite brands. This will help you receive just the coupons you are looking for each month instead of sifting through a haystack of coupons.

How to Get Manufacturer Coupons in Mail

Still, wondering how to get manufacturer coupons mailed to you? If so, here is another tip. There are a few companies that regularly send out coupons through the mail to local residents. Companies like Retail Me Not and P&G send out coupons on a bi-weekly basis in the mail.

If you are not receiving these coupons already, you can contact the company via their website and ask to be a part of their mailing list. Perhaps someone who lived at your address asked to be removed from the list a while back, or they might not have a record of your address.

Contacting the company directly is a great way to remedy this situation.

How can I get manufacturer coupons mailed to me may be as easy as checking to make sure you are on the mailing list.

Stacking Coupons for Extra Savings

Receiving manufacturers coupons through the mail is the best way to get your coupons. After you have selected the manufacturers, you wish to receive coupons from, the next best way to save money is by stacking your coupons.

Coupon stacking is when you layer a coupon with an existing store sale, rebate, or other money-saving promotion. Stacking coupons can be difficult even for the most talented couponer, so don’t be discouraged if it seems difficult at first.

What makes stacking coupons difficult? Well, the fine print at the bottom of the coupon can sometimes prevent the coupon from being used with other sales or promotions. You must read the fine print thoroughly and understand all of the details.

Also, every store or company has different rules when it comes to using coupons. Be sure to check with the store’s policy regarding couponing before you start shopping. No one likes to get up to the register to find out that the store will not accept their coupons because of a “policy.”

One easy way to get around this is by using a manufacturer’s coupon when the store is having a sale. Or, use a store’s coupon and a manufacturer coupon together. Just make sure you read the fine print.

Don’t forget Store Coupons, Too!

Like manufacturers, stores also mail coupons to their mailing list. Unlike a manufacturer’s coupon, these store-specific coupons must be used at one of their locations. However, there are a few stores that accept their competitor’s coupons, so it never hurts to ask before you shop.

Stores like Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Safeway, Family Dollar, and Kroger all send out coupons to customers that are registered on their mailing list.

Visit the stores’ website to sign up for coupons and their newsletter to keep up with the latest information on sales, promotions, giveaways, and contests.

Stores also have loyalty cards and programs to help you save extra money. For example, Target shoppers can save 5% every time they use their red card, whether they are purchasing in the store or online.

Target also offers its customers the Circle app, which has hundreds of coupons available through the app every week. And you don’t have to shop in person if you don’t want to. Amazon also offers its customers great savings through their coupons and discounts.

Combine this with a $0.05 discount when you bring your own bags, and you can save some major cash. Many stores reward their customers for bringing in your own bags, so be sure to check before you head to the store.

Oodles of Savings Through Coupons

No one wants to pay more for an item. Even rich people love a good sale. This article shows you exactly how to get manufacturer coupons delivered to your inbox or your mailbox and help you save on everyday items at your favorite stores.

So you better get going. Now that you have this information, you probably have a bit of shopping you want to do.