How to Save Money On Baby Stuff While You’re Still Expecting






How to Save Money On Baby Stuff While You’re Still Expecting

Did you know that the average cost of caring for a baby during his or her first year of life is a whopping $12,000, based on information from Babies are adorable, but expensive. If you’re pregnant, you should start hunting for great deals on baby stuff right now, rather than after you give birth. Shopping around for great deals on items that you will need for your hospital “go bag” and for the first weeks of your baby’s life, will help you to lower the cost of caring for your newborn. Use the tips in this article to find amazing coupons and deals. Search for online sales, use coupon websites to save money and utilize rebate apps to get cash back. After you’ve stocked up, you may focus on self-care and prepare for childbirth.


Search for online sales

Sometimes, retailers offer exclusive deals to online shoppers, which just aren’t available in bricks-and-mortar stores. Finding these types of deals will save you money. You probably already have a sense of where you’re comfortable buying baby-related items online. Check these online retailers and look for online-only deals on stuff you must take to the hospital when you go into labor, such as a nursing pillow, a baby outfit, diapers and baby wipes. If you can’t find online exclusive deals, deals of the day may be available, according to You’ll typically pay way less than full retail. Keep shipping costs in mind as you figure out the value of each online deal. Some online retailers offer free shipping or low-cost shipping.

Use coupon websites to save money

The best coupon websites make it so easy for moms-to-be to save money on baby items and other hospital bag essentials, such as traveltravel-sized toiletries, bathrobes and comfy slippers. Coupon websites aggregate excellent deals on their home pages. They also give visitors the capacity to search for items via their handy internal search engines. If you don’t check coupon websites before you buy, you may end up paying from ten percent to fifty percent more than you would pay if you did take advantage of coupon website deals. It takes just a few minutes to peruse these websites, which feature truly enticing deals.

Use rebate apps to get cash back

Rebate apps will give you cash back on what you buy, after your transactions are completed. You’ll pay the full retail price and then receive a reimbursement after you reach a minimum amount, which varies from app to app. If you don’t mind getting your savings after you buy, rather than before, a rebate app will be right for you.

Start saving on baby items while you’re pregnant

Once your baby arrives, you’re going to be so busy. You will also be tired. Finding great deals while you’re still pregnant will help you to save cash as you get organized for the hospital and for bringing your newborn home after childbirth. Use online sales, coupon websites and rebate apps to trim the cost of filling up your hospital bag and buying items for the baby.

Tracy-Ann Malcolm