How To Save Money On Clothes!

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One of the best ways to express yourself is with the clothes you wear. Your clothes reflect your personal sense of style and personality.


So, it’s understandable if you want to have a closet full of nice clothes. However, this can certainly put a dent in your wallet. Luckily, there are a few ways you can meet your heart’s desire by without spending a mint.

Read on to find out how.


Don’t Bother Too Much With the Latest Trends

The latest trends in clothes definitely have appeal. I mean who doesn’t want to look fashionable wearing the latest trends? The problem with this, however, is that buying the latest trendy clothes is always expensive.

And you don’t really wear them after the trend is over. So, they are mostly piled up in the back of your closet.  


You don’t really want people commenting on your clothes when you are wearing something that used to be fashionable a few years ago. So, instead of buying seasonal trendy clothes, go for clothing that always suits your style and that fits you well. These are clothes that you will always be able to wear no matter what the current trend is.   

Learn A Few Sewing Tricks

Although it may be a lot harder to make your own clothes from scratch, you can learn a few basics in sewing. This way, you can hand-sew a button, or replace a popped button, rather than having to buy a new shirt.


You can also learn how to hem if you have access to a sewing machine so that you can bring new life to old clothes. Hemming your own clothes will save you a lot of money when you hem your own jeans or tailor-made pants.

Look Out for Dry-Clean Only Clothes

If you’re looking to save money on clothes, you must beware of clothes that are tagged dry-clean only. Otherwise, you have to keep paying for their cleaning long after you buy them.

Some clothes need more cleaning than others, which will add up to your cost.

So, try to buy fashionable clothes that can be washed in the washing machine. You can also try using DIY dry-cleaning kits. If you have clothes that require dry-cleaning, then extend the trip to the cleaner by spot cleaning the clothes when needed.

Store Clothes Properly

The best way to extend the life of your clothes is to take good care of them. This involves folding clothes up neatly, and not stuffing your drawers with too many clothes.

Also, before hanging clothes up, you have to remember to take off the dry-cleaning plastic. Hang clothes on proper fuzzy hangers that won’t warp the shoulders of your tops.

Extending the life of your clothes effectively reduces the need to buy new clothes, which means that you will be saving money.

Swap Clothes

Getting a new dress for every special occasion is tough. Especially if you have similar programs lined up where you need to appear in something new each time.

The best option is to find a friend who is of similar size and see what clothes in her closet you could borrow. You can return the favor when she is in a similar situation. This way, you can create the illusion of wearing different clothes without having to buy new clothes every time.  

Check Out the Thrift Shops

If you are determined to get a bargain, then the best options will be available at a local thrift shop. You can find very cheap clothes if you have the eye to dig deep for them.

Some thrift retailers put their major label and designer pieces away on a rack, which will make it easier for you to find them. The trick here is to find the right size for your clothing.

Search Online Stores

Online stores can be an excellent place to find your designer clothes for a cheaper price. You just need to wait a few months for the price to become reasonable.

You will need to be extremely cautious so that you don’t buy anything that’s counterfeit or a knockoff. There will be no opportunity for you to check anything before you buy it, hence it’s important that you buy from a store that you trust.

You also need to remember that, most of the time, you can’t return the items or get your money back. So, read the user reviews carefully before you order something and try to check if the seller is legit or not.

Buy Basic Brands

You don’t have to buy expensive brands for clothes that you will usually wear under other clothes, like tank tops, or briefs.

Since people are not going to see the underclothes anyway, buy generic brands for your underwear. There are online stores offering cheap deals for your underwear, so check them out before buying.

Shop Light for Occasions

When taking a trip to a beach resort, it’s not uncommon for you to want to buy a hoard of swimwear and tank tops to wear at the beach.

But keep in mind that all those clothes are going to be pretty much redundant after a few weeks, and will be lying around in the back of your closet.

Also, you’re not going to be able to wear these clothes often because they might get saggy and stretch after a few wears

So, buy one great swimsuit instead, wear it with style, and rinse it off with cold tap water afterward. Then, dry it well and store it neatly. This way, you can make an expensive swimsuit last for a long time.

Use Coupon Apps

Be on the lookout for coupon apps that will enable you to save lots of money on your purchase. Download these apps and start scanning the stores near you to find the best coupons on offer for the clothes you need.

You can even set them up to send you reminders when your favorite retailers offer a coupon.


Shopping for clothes is always fun if you remember to not overindulge and cross your budget. Follow the simple tips above to shop for clothes in the smartest way that will save you big bucks.


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