How to Score the Best Deals at Ross

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How to Score the Best Deals at Ross

Do you love shopping at Ross? Ross is always stacked with great deals, but how do you know if you’re getting the best deals? It is hard to compare prices and know if what you are buying is truly a great price.

We have put a list of tips to ensure you are getting the best deals available at Ross. Shop with confidence and start saving even more with these helpful tips.

  1. If you can, wait to shop until Monday. This is the day that Ross does all of their markdowns to ensure you pay the lowest price possible.
  2. Some of the best values to look for when shopping at Ross is Carter’s clothes and beauty products. These have the best markdowns and, usually, a wide selection of items to choose from.
  3. Use your phone to help compare prices while you are in store. Amazon will easily scan barcodes of the items you are wanting to purchase and you’ll be able to browse the item and check out the price and ratings on certain items. This will help give you confidence that you are buying a quality product for a great price.
  4. If you are senior, scratch tip #1 and shop on Tuesdays instead because seniors over 55 get 10% OFF on Tuesdays!!!
  5. If you see an item marked at $0.49, this is the lowest the price will ever be. If you want to purchase an item marked at $0.49, don’t wait for it to drop in price anymore because it won’t be.

Happy shopping!

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