Infants Tylenol-$6.3M Class Action Lawsuit

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Currently there is a $6.3 Million Class Action Lawsuit against Johnson and Johnsons Infant Tylenol.  If you have purchased this Tylenol for your Infant between October 3rd, 2014 and January 6th 2022, you are entitled to some money!!!!

According to this Class Action Lawsuit, the Johnson and Johnson company marketed the Infants Tylenol towards new parents by using the text on the package labeled infants and also included a picture of what seems to be the age of an infant in a mothers arms.   The claim also states that customers overpaid for what seemed to be a unique bottle geared just toward the infant age group.  However, we have now found out the same ingredients are also placed in the children’s tylenol and cost less.  For more information and to file a claim you can go to the website at our claim now button below!  You may file a claim with out without proof of purchase, however if you have proof it is an unlimited amount!


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