Inflatable Splash and Slide HOT PRICE ALERT!

The My First Waterslide Inflatable Splash and Slide is a backyard addition that kids will love!  Spend as much time outdoors while you can!   Combined with climbing and sliding plus water play, your kids will have hours of fun outdoors!  It does include the air blower for easy inflation in only 2 minutes!  Connect a water hose to the sprayers and water cannons for extra fun!

Head over to your local Sams Club or check your online stores for this AMAZING mark down deal!  Right now Sams Club has this Water Slide available for only $137.  Although Prices may vary in club and online depending on your location, so it may be even cheaper for you!   You can check out this Splash and Slide from our shop now button below!   If you do not already have a Sams Club Membership, make sure to check out this LIMITED TIME OFFER for only $4.99 just by clicking here!!


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