FREE Keurig Coffee Maker For Everyone!

FREE Keurig Coffee Maker

This is awesome! You can earn a FREE Keurig by going here and signing up. The offer is super limited and may not be available in your area. However you can keep trying back new zip codes get added all the time. If it shows that applications are full today make sure you check back tomorrow morning!


After you sign up you will receive a scanner that you can use to scan your groceries and earn points!  Use those points to redeem your Keurig you will also be entered to win Visa Gift cards!  Rewards and Prizes may vary! 

The Free Keurig that people have been getting is the perfect coffee maker for anyone that wants a super quick cup of coffee. If you have never owned a Keurig then you are missing out. Keurigs make it so easy to stock up, on a variety of coffee flavors and have a different flavor of coffee each time you brew a new cup. Plus the absolute best part about this one is this is a a FREE Keurig.


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