IRS Announces Delayed Tax Returns This Year

IRS Announces Delayed Tax Returns This Year

The IRS has announced tax returns this year will be complicated and may be delayed due to enormous challenges. For one there was a cut back in employees at the IRS, and also the Federal Stimulus amounts and backlog. Additionally last year, there was a large backlog of unaddressed returns the IRS still has to deal with and millions of both individual and business returns not processed. This is after the recent Child Credits stopped in December leaving millions of families struggling this month without those extra payments.

But what is different about this tax season? For one if you got a stimulus check and/or child tax credit payments last year, the IRS is sending out a form you will need to file your taxes. For two, there are new income brackets and a higher Child tax credit this year when you file taxes, on top of needing to make sure you are claiming all you can due to the Pandemic. How could you get your Tax Return faster? The IRS states if you file online and do a direct deposit and make sure you have all your proper forms, there is a high chance of getting your return quicker. Click the link below to read more about this and let us know your thoughts.



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