Keurig Class Action Lawsuit $10 Million Settlement!

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Keurig is best known for their simplistic way of making coffee. No more grinding beans, no more making a 12 cup pot of coffee only to drink 6 cups of it. Keurig, regardless of their amazing coffee, is facing a huge class action lawsuit. Keurig has made hundreds of claims that their coffee pods are recyclable, but in recent news they have stated they are not. Because of this, they are facing a lawsuit. The polypropylene plastic pods are not accepted at recycle facilities. Keurig says that, regardless of their claims that they are recyclable, a reasonable person would know they are not recyclable and they should not be held accountable for their claims. The judge didn’t like that answer and quickly shut it down. For this, Keurig could be facing a huge lawsuit. We will keep you updated when there is a class action lawsuit available to file a claim for.

UPDATE: Keurig has settled this lawsuit for $10 Million! With this lawsuit Keurig has also agreed to change the wording on their packages to reflect that the K Cups are now recyclable. And will also change the wording on their website to reflect this. No claim site is open yet so be sure to check out Top Class Actions for when it does.