Kids Favored Lip Balms ONLY $.49!!!!!

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It’s the season for day lips especially with kids!  If you have or know of kids who could use these lip balms you’ll want to check your stores!


Right now there is an instore clearance price on the Marvel and Paw Patrol 8 pack flavored lip balms for kids!   These would make great fillers for Easter Baskets, freebies-get-tons-of-free-stuff-for-your-birthday/”>Birthday Gifts ext!  You can check your stores with the sku for the Paw patrol 628135384 and for the Marvel 596942627.  Also included in this clearance is the Nestle Candy Shop flavors with the sku 599949628.  These are normally almost $5, but in store are priced at $.49!!! As always ymmv with in store clearance.

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