Kid’s Folding Cot only $5 at Walmart!

Kid’s Folding Cot only $5 at Walmart!

Kid’s Folding Cot

If you’ve been on the hunt for a travel cot for kids then this is the deal for you!! This Kid’s Folding Cot is great for having sleepovers with their friends, or any trips your going on. This gives kids a safe and comfortable place to lay down and sleep. Now this is one HOT clearance deal that you won’t want to miss out on!

This Kid’s Folding Cot is just what you need for sleep overs or traveling. They give kids the perfect spot to sleep and rest. This is a sturdy cot and can hold up to 125lbs. Now you can grab this deal for way cheap! Thanks, Autumn, for sharing this deal with us. She found the Your Zone Kid’s Folding Cot for only $5. Normally priced at $30. This is a in store Walmart

Clearance deal only. This deal is YMMV and will vary per location. Use the Walmart Inventory checker button below to check your local Walmart.

UPC# 886783004905


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