Kids Skate FREE ALL Year Long! Sign Up Now!


Kids Skate FREE All Year Long! New Program!

All year long kids can skate for free with this new program! Similar to the kids bowl free during the summer, skating rinks across the US have teamed up for this hot deal. You can sign your child up for a FREE VIP pass from Kids Skate Free and score free skating in your local area. Shoe rentals do cost extra, but this is perfect for kiddos looking for something to do over the summer. The locations are spread out across the US and the age limits for each one are different. Some skating rinks are 13 and younger, some are 10 and younger and some as high as 17 and younger.


Head over to Kids Skate Free program to sign up now. Search your local area to see which skating rinks are near you and grab your VIP passes. You will need to download the Myhownd app from your app store to see and use the passes. Every Monday you will get 2 FREE passes per kid to use, and these do expire each week. Then head into the skating rink and enjoy skating around and other activities the rink has to offer. Hurry and sign up now!

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