Kool Aid Jammers 40 Pack SUPER CHEAP Online Deal!

kool aid jammers

Kool Aid Jammers is one of the top selling snack drink pouches sold for kids!  This deal is perfect just in time for back to school!  If you are looking to stock up on drink pouches, check out this HOT deal available below!

Head over to Sams Club from our shop now button below!  They currently have in stock a 40 count of Kool Aid Jammers!  You’ll want to check your stores for in store pick up where available, since shipping seems to cost $6!   What you will get with this purchase.  One 40 ct. box of Kool-Aid Jammers Artificially Flavored Drink Variety Pack.  Each box has 20 Tropical Punch, 10 Cherry and 10 Grape artificially flavored drink pouches.  Each box also has 55% less sugar than leading regular sodas!  Use this for your kids lunch box, after school snacks, or bring for after school sports activities!